Book of Belief
Author(s) Sofi Alexander
Publication Date March 19, 2015 (PDF)
No. of Pages 176
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The Book of Belief was a project by fans as a gift for the team behind the Rise of the Guardians movie production, as a show of thanks, support and appreciation for all their hard work.


The Book of Belief was a fan-made gift for Dreamworks Animation and Moonbot Studios.[1]

It’s a neat anthology of collected works submitted by the fans and sent over to Dreamworks. It also contains a print submitted by William Joyce. Take a look and enjoy the art work plus heart felt letters! [2]


According to Sofi Alexander, she wanted to take the Guardian Oath book and give it a twist. Making it a book made by the children who believe and have grown up to continue the legacy with their own children etc. That’s why it’s called The Book of Belief.[3]

The book took a year of planning, but all 72 spreads were completed in approximately 10 months. [4]

Printed version

Originally, only eight printed copies were made and were given to the following people:

  1. Jeffrey Katzenberg
  2. Bill Damaschke
  3. Guillermo del Toro
  4. William Joyce
  5. Nancy Bernstein
  6. Christina Steinberg
  7. Peter Ramsey
  8. Johane Matte

As the Book of Belief Team could only afford the original eight copies, the ROTG team was able to print more copies of the book to share between themselves.


The Book of Belief is a free download not intended to be used or reproduced for monetary gain.

Table of Content

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Character Sections
    • North
    • Bunnymund
    • Toothiana
    • Sandman
    • Pitch Black
    • Jack Frost
  • Guardians
  • Donations

Book of Belief Team




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