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David Prescott
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David Prescott is the visual effects supervisor for Rise of the Guardians.

About David Prescott

From a career in live action visual effects and feature film, David Prescott joined DreamWorks Animation in 2008 to explore visual effects in feature animation. He was currently working on Rise of the Guardians, which was released on November 2012.

Prior to joining DreamWorks, David served as Visual Effects Supervisor at Digital Domain, collaborating with many directors on feature films including Michael Bay’s Transformers, as well as working with Karyn Kusama on the effects and design elements for Aeon Flux.

Between projects at Digital Domain, David worked closely with the research and development teams. He designed a pre-visualization system allowing motion control model sequences to be determined prior to shooting on stage, ultimately shaving weeks off the schedule. Moving into the after-life for Vincent Ward’s What Dreams May Come, he created the first L-System tree ever to be used in visual effects. The work in the film went on to win the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. David has earned a reputation for working closely with filmmakers to help design, create and bring new ideas to the screen. 

David graduated with a BA in Graphic Design. He continues to develop his passion for art, photography and wildlife. He and his wife take every opportunity to get back to the red dirt of his native Africa and disappear into the African bush to work on their wildlife photography books.


  • Rise of the Guardians (visual effects supervisor) - 2012
  • Transformers (visual effects supervisor: Digital Domain) - 2007
  • Æon Flux (co-visual effects supervisor: Digital Domain) - 2005
  • The Day After Tomorrow (CG supervisor) - 2004
  • The Time Machine (CG supervisor) - 2002
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas (digital artist: Digital Domain) - 2000
  • X-Men (CG supervisor: Digital Domain)- 2000
  • O Brother, Where Art Thou? (computer graphics supervisor: Digital Domain) - 2000
  • Supernova (digital team lead: Digital Domain) - 2000/I
  • Fight Club (opening sequence team lead: Digital Domain - as David W. Prescott) - 1999
  • What Dreams May Come (digital animator: tree, Digital Domain - as David William Prescott) -1998
  • Armageddon (digital 3D artist: Digital Domain) - 1998
  • Titanic (digital paraphernalia artist: Digital Domain) -1997
  • The Fifth Element (digital artist) - 1997

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