Hyun Huh
Hyun Huh
Biographical Information
Full Name Hyun Huh
Born South Korea
Nationality Korean
Home Los Angeles
Children Son
Occupation(s) Head of Modeling
Background Information
Character(s) Played

Hyun Huh (허현) is a Korean 3-D modeler/animator currently working at DreamWorks Animation. He has worked for DreamWorks for over 10 years. Although not credited for working on Rise of the Guardians, he worked as the head of modeling for the movie and created characters with Asian lines instead of just Western-style characters.[1] Huh has worked on some of the character models for the film as shown in the The Art of Rise of the Guardians including: Jack Frost, North, Jamie and Pitch.

Rise of the Guardians

According to Huh, his main role for the movie was to create a 3-D model from the concept arts of the main characters. According to an interview which took place in Los Angeles over 5 days, Huh explained his role more in-depth. Huh stated that except for water and fire effects, every other 3-D models were created by his team. Due to a change in directors during the movie's development, Huh had to create all characters' designs from scratch with the production designer.

  • Jack Frost - He stated that Jack Frost's initial 3-D design was at first very basic and lacked proper structure for a animated film. However, he and his team of other modelers decided to revive Jack's design into a more pleasant and attractive looking character rather than improving the initial model. He stated that he gave Jack a more "oriental" and "feminine" look so that the audiences would feel visually captivated. Huh commented on Jack's model saying that he was very happy with the results as the final model made it into the big screens.
  • Jamie Bennett - Huh commented that when he was re-designing Jamie's model, he based most of Jamie's looks from his son. Giving the same oriental influence like Jack, Jamie was developed similarly.

Concept Art


  1. K-Animation: Befriending Children All Over the World, page 77

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