Jamie to the Rescue
Jamie to the Rescue!
Author(s) Tina Gallo
Illustrator(s) Zack Franzen
Charles Grosvenor
Publisher Simon Spotlight
Publication Date October 2, 2012
No. of Pages 32
ISBN 978-1442452596
Publication Order
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Jamie to the Rescue!  is a Tie-In Book that retells the story of Rise of the Guardians, but in Jamie's point of view.


When Jamie, a young boy, first meets the Guardians, he can’t believe his eyes. But sometimes, in order to help save the world, you need to believe in a little magic….

Based on the stunning new movie Rise of the Guardians from DreamWorks Animation, this Level 2 Ready-to-Read features an adaptation of the movie’s story told from Jamie’s point of view that is ideal for beginning readers.


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