Katherine and Kailash
Biographical Information
Full Name Kailash
Other Name(s)
Home Himalayas
Morality Good
Gender Female
Race Great Snow Goose
Eye Color
Hair Color
Allies Katherine
Lunar Lamas
Enemies Pitch
Powers and Abilities
Background Information
First Seen E. Aster Bunnymund and the Warrior Eggs at the Earth's Core!
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Kailash is an orphaned Great Snow Goose of the Himalayas[1]. She was raised by Katherine, whom she came to see as her mother.

Physical Appearance

Kailash looks like any normal goose. She, however, can grow the size of a horse and be able to carry someone on her back. In "The Sandman and the War of Dreams" she's fully grown, and stated to be big even for her own breed. Her wingspan is roughly 45 feet and even while sitting in her nest, she's taller than any man.


Before Kailash hatched, her parents died in an avalanche that was caused in the battle against Pitch. She hatched a short time later, and believed Katherine to be her mother.

Katherine, with the help of the Yetis and Nightlight, raised Kailash during the Guardians' time at the Lunar Lamadary.

In Santoff Claussen Kailash lives in a nest that serves as a roof to Katherine's tree house. The two even used to sleep together in that nest while Nightlight watched over them.


Her nature is gentle and her emotions are childlike.

Kailash is caring toward her friends and the guardians but is quite protective of Katherine. Since Katherine was the first thing Kailash saw, she believes Katherine to be her mother. When Katherine was taken by the monkeys and later by Mother Nature, Kailash was depressed and was weeping.

Powers and Abilities

Kailash, as a Great Snow Goose, has some kind of healing powers due to healing Tooth's wing when she got injured from her battle against the monkeys that kidnapped Katherine.



Kailash sees Katherine as her mother, since Katherine was the first person she saw when she hatched.


Guardians G symbol
  • Kailash has a way to heal wings, as she was able to help Tooth recover before she went to her kingdom to fight Pitch.


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