Unofficial Comics are webcomics written and drawn by the official artists who worked on the Rise of the Guardians, following their own original stories with the characters and universe.

These comics are not canon with either the film or book universes, nor should they be confused with the official Rise of the Guardians comics, published by Kizoic.

Johane Matte (Rufftoon) Webcomics

Johane Matte is one of the storyboard artists who worked on Rise of the Guardians. She was also part of the "Team Pitch" side of the animation team as stated in the DVD commentary, and also the Drawing Tutorial artist for Pitch in the DVD extras. [1]

After the film's production, Matte, under her online username Rufftoons, made a series of unofficial online webcomics, following the story Pitch Black, leading up to the events of the film. Her work can be viewed under her username Rufftoons on both her Deviantart [2] and tumblr [3] account.

Pitch Black


Story, Art and Colours: by Johane Matte

Based on the real life events of the unofficial cease fire along the West Front, at Christmas in 1914, during World War I. Pitch wanders the battle field, musing about the fears of war, until he hears singing and sees North. Furious, Pitch demands North leaves this place at once, only for North to reply, that he too was a soldier once. North is bringing Christmas to the soliders, though Pitch does not see the point and says there will not be another Christmas truce. Regardless, a truce did happen once, and North believes it will be a reminder of goodness in humanity, even through hardships.

Light and shadows

Story, Art and Colours: by Johane Matte

On a nameless city rooftop, Pitch is gloating to Sandy about how his influence resulted in a town burning 12 people accussed of witchcraft. Sandy gives Pitch a strict warning before flying away, leaving Pitch to stroll through the city, taking advantage of his invisibility by whispering warnings and worry amongst the adults. He then notices a small boy with a cleft lip who is able to see him. It is announced that another witch has been caught and Pitch realises the official running the witch hunts is in fact the real monster, and unintentionally exposes him to the townsfolk. The monster follows Pitch before he can reach the safety of the shadows, and surrounds him in a blinding white light. Pitch begs the monster, but it will not listen to reason and attacks. The reader never sees the final outcome of the battle, instead the boy from earlier watches as a now weakened Pitch, just barely able to keep himself solid, gets to his feet and leaves. The boy admits he is scared and asks Pitch; if the demon were ever to return, would he come back? Pitch does not answer the child's question, instead telling him, he will have to learn to tell the real fake monsters from the real ones for himself.

First Movement: Fear

Story, Art and Colours: by Johane Matte

Following the events of "Light and Shadows", the young boy from the previous comic is now following Pitch, reasoning that where ever the Boogeyman is, the demon won't follow. Pitch tries to scare the child away with threats of death, but fails. The boy explains that he would not fear dying, only dying a painful death. Just then, a pack of hungry dogs appear and Pitch turns his back on the child. The boys asks Pitch if he will tell him when to start running, Pitch advices him to climb a tree instead.

Second Movement: Battle

Story, Art and Colours: by Johane Matte

After the events of First Movement: Fear, over the city of Basal in 1566, Pitch is fighting against Tooth (who is wielding two swords, similar to her novel counterpart). The Guardians believe Pitch has become too powerful, and is now holding the world back and tipping the balance. The two exchange blows and Tooth tries to make Pitch understand that people are running scared, and even the boy that had been following Pitch is now dead. Pitch stops momentarily to muse on how the boy found a death that didn't scare him. Pitch is then struck from behind by Sandy, sailing over th city on a ship made of entirely dreamsand, with North onboard. Pitch is shocked by how powerful then Guardians have become, but refusing to surrender and summoning his shadows, Pitch attacks the sand ship head on.

Third Movement: Depression

Story, Art and Colours: by Johane Matte

The year is 1932 and the world has changed, magic has become more barren, less spiritual beings now wander the world, and Pitch has fallen from power, now bound to certain parts of the world. Pitch remarks that while there is still plenty of fear in the world, it is a different type of fear, with no space for belief in the Boogeyman. His presence, which once caused unrest, and a mere whisper panic, is now unseen and unheard. The world is now devoid of monsters and even Pitch can't seem to remember what happened to them, and ponders if that is the reason why they disappeared, simply because they were forgotten.

Fourth Movement: Treasure

Story, Art and Colours: by Johane Matte

Some time after the events Second Movement: Battle, Tooth and her fairies are busy constructing the Tooth Palace when North drops by for a visit. North is seeking inspiration for new toys and stumbles upon a small treasure box he found while exploring the palace. Tooth draws her sword against North and orders he hand over the box. She then flies off as North tries to apologize, only to be attacked by the tooth fairies who chase him out of the palace.

Inside the box is a single tooth, belonging to the child Pitch encountered in Light and Shadows and First Movement: Fear. Looking at the memory it contains, Tooth sees the boy conversing with a happier, more relaxed Pitch, who explains to the boy that the Tooth Fairy will give him a treasure in exchange for his newly lost tooth. It turns out Pitch has been staying with the boy for a while now, watching how the boy is chased out of villages for his deformity. However, Pitch has spent too much time with the child and decides now is the right time to leave. The boy asks, now that Pitch is leaving will people stop being scared of him? Pitch answers, no.

The memory ends and Tooth explains this was what she was trying to tell Pitch back in Second Movement: Battle, that he was part of the boy's best memory. It is now too late to tell Pitch, as she cannot predict his reaction, whether he would lash out or grieve. Tooth wonders whether the memory would have brought out a change in the Boogeyman, but the tooth does not belong to Pitch and the true owner is long gone, not forgotten, but a moment to be treasured.

Intermezzo H.P.

Story, Art and Colours: by Johane Matte

In the mid 1920s, a man is walking through the streets at night when he spots a figure sitting on one of the park benches. He instantly recognises the man as Pitch Black, though not by name, but from his nightmares as a kid. Pitch invites the man to sit with him as he is fond of his kind, "tale weavers", "story tellers", and "writers", humans that create whole new worlds with their minds. He explains spirits and magical beings were once drawn to humans and listened to their tales, intoxicated by their imagination. Pitch says it was all a mistake. Humans changed them. They started imitating humans too well, beginning to think like humans, yearn for human things. Pitch demands to know what he looks like to the man, and almost seems disappointed that he believes that Pitch ever was human as he of all of people should know better. Pitch then turns into a mass of shadows with hundreds of white eyes (similar to the early concept art for his character) and the man recoils in fear.

The man is then awaken by a police officer who found him sleeping on a park bench. Hysteric, the man tells the officer, it's still here. The officer tries to calm him down, when he spots the monsterous shadow for himself. Pitch reverts back to his humanoid form and watches the man, H.P Lovecraft, departs with the words; "How consciousness was manifested perhaps, in shapes and forms...long since withdrawn before the tide of advancing humanity..."

Coda Dream

Story, Art and Colours: by Johane Matte

Set in the early 1930s, a weakened Pitch tries to spread what little fear he can during the night, but finds himself shying away from even Tooth's fairies. Still, Pitch adapts and he survives. Stepping out of a bedroom closet belonging to two children, he is shocked to find dreamsand coming in through the window, when many years ago his mere presence would have prevented any dreamsand from coming near a child. Some of the dreamsand brushes against Pitch's arm, which then turns the sand black. Excited, Pitch dances about the room, changing a winged horse into a nightmare. One of the children wakes up, sees Pitch and screams. Pitch celebrates till morning, when the dreamsand vanishes and he is forced to go back into hiding in the shadows.

For the next few days Pitch stays hidden away in his lair, intrigued that the guardians have not been alerted to his mischief. Wondering if Sandy wouldn't notice small amounts of dreamsand missing every night, Pitch begins devising a plan that would take decades to complete, but if it meant a chance to regain control of the world, Pitch Black could be very patient.



Nikolai (a Russian variation of Nicholas) is a bandit who is riding horseback across the Altai Mountains on horseback, in order to find a Shaman who he believes has wronged him, as no one besides his own men can see or hear him after they succedded in obtaining a giant's horde of treasure. The Shaman explains Nikolai achieved the impossible, and a such, men like him should not be able to exist. He offers Nikolai a choice, go back to being mortal or vanish little by little. Nikolai does not give the Shaman an answer and leaves the hut. Coming to a decision, if he really can do the impossible, then he will perform another impossible tasks, and make people believe in him.

Myth Hunter (Part 1-3)

North is employed by the Imperial Emperor to find the nine Ding Cauldrons, engraved with the Knowledge of the World, after being lost over a thousand years when they supposedly fell into the XI river.

Jack Frost

Old Hills

In the first 300 years of Jack's creation, he begins to explore the world and meets the land spirit, Old Hills. The two have a brief conversation in which Jack learns the Tornado Twin, the Great Winter, and other spirits are begining to fade away as the world is changing. Jack asks about other spirits and how are they falling silent, but Old Hills is now fading as wells and bids Jack farewell before he can get an answer.


Travelling to unknown lands can mean getting lost…and way in over your head.[4]


How he spent those 300+ years. How, as a young and new spirit, he broke many “rules” as he went around the world, trying to connect with other spirits, and how those searches went. Can’t have gone too well, since he spent most of that time alone.[5]

Rise of the Guardians

Unfinished Story

According to Johane Matte, the story was building up to be a monster of a story. She had half roughed out and a good chunk cleaned up when she noticed some problems with the story and needed to step back. She does know how to fix it, the problem is time. She doesn’t know if she’ll ever finish it. [6]

Another Unfinished Story

According to Johane Matte, she was cleaning up folders, another bit of nostalgia- more pages from that unfinished Rise of the Guardians comics she was having a lot of fun with. She had to stop due to work schedule and also some story moments that started feeling not quite right. But overall, the plot had all been figured out. Not quite sure what she is going to do with it, as it is really uncertain she will ever find the time to finish it. Plus, it was starting to be a page number monster the size of Water Tribe. She said that she might make another page or sketches drop at some point, but still haven’t figured it out. [7]


  • The Events of Coda Dream were "heavily inspired and adapted from a scene that was cut from the movie." ~ Johanne Matte [8]


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