General Information
Full name(s) Lunar Lamadary
Location Himalayas
Owner(s) Lunar Lamas
Inhabitant(s) Lunar Lamas
Snow Gooses
Purpose To honor The Man in the Moon
Production Information
Appearances Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King
E. Aster Bunnymund and the Warrior Eggs at the Earth's Core!
Toothiana: Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies

The Lunar Lamadary is the home of the holy men, Lunar Lamas, who devoted their lives to study The Man in the Moon.



The Lamadary was a simple palace of lapis lazuli and opal mosaics, and it managed to keep cool, serene feeling of moonlight, even in the morning sun. [1]


The Lamadary sits on the highest peak of one of the highest Himalayan mountains and according to Katherine nowhere else on Earth is closer to the Moon.

The Great, Round Clock

Main article: The Lunar Lama's Great Time-Travel Clock

This clock is more than thirty feet high. It was made up of dozens of interlocking rings that spun and rotated inside of one another. The rings were formed from a pale metal known only on the Lamas' home planet, and in the center stood a column of round clock faces of various sizes. These were used to set the clock to the exact time and place in history to which one wanted to journey. [2]

The clock was one of the few possessions the Lamas had been able to bring to Earth before Pitch had destroyed their home planet. The clock is described as old as time itself.



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