Peter Hanshaw
Pete Hanshaw
Biographical Information
Full Name Peter Hanshaw
Home Los Angeles
Occupation(s) 3D Artist
Background Information
Character(s) Played
Peter Hanshaw is a 3D Artist at Kabam and a contract 3D Artist at Freelance, and was one of the environment artist for Rise of the Guardians: The Video Game. Pete was tasked with creating a large array of levels within very tight time constraints. He was responsible for creating level geometry, textures and ambient environment FX such as god rays and mist, as well as creating various props and dressing element for use in game

Pete previously worked as an Environment Artist at Bluetongue Entertainment (2008-2011), Environment FX Artist at Bluetongue Entertainment (2011) and as a 3D level artist at Torus Games (2011-2012).

He studied (BA) Television Production, Post production and Single Camera Direction at Charles Sturt University (2004-2007) and (BA) Multimedia Arts, 3D Graphics, VFX and Compositing at Charles Sturt University (2004-2007).

Video Games


The North Pole

This Yeti Village was Pete's favourite level, with the jagged ice, rickety bridges and bottomless ravines. One of the prop artists supplied the small hut structures while Pete was responsible for overall level geometry, textures and dressing. In addition to the geometry and textures, he also made various environment FX to add life to the scene, including mist and windswept snow FX.

Tooth's Palace

The tricky part of Tooth's levels was making the massive, tile-covered ramps and structures look interesting close up. A lot of visual interest was added through the combined use of gloss and specular maps.

The Warren

With moss and overgrown stones everywhere, the Warrens are a very green set of levels. Accents of color were added using flowers and cherry-blossom style trees to break up the greens. Pete created several statues and carvings based on concepts from the Dreamworks team. These were used to add additional character to the Warrens levels.

Pitch's Lair

Pitch's lair was built in five separate levels, of which Pete was responsible for three. As opposed to most of the other levels in game, which were based on tile sets, the Pitch's lair levels were made out of custom geometry to get the twisted, broken look that was displayed by the film's concept art. This is Stage 4- the level was based around a large crumbling staircase, at the end of which is a mosaic flanked by foreboding nightmare statues and decaying ruins. Additional atmosphere was added using stark lighting and environment FX.


Pete created a modular building set that could be used to rapidly construct the various structures in the Burgess town levels.

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