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E. Aster Bunnymund Relationship Quotes

This page contains Quotes said Bunnymund in Rise of the Guardians and The Guardians of Childhood.

Rise of the Guardians


  • "Say what? I'm a bunny."


  • "The-the what? What did you call me? I am not a kangaroo, mate." "I'm a bunny. The Easter Bunny.  People Believe in me'."
  • [to North] "Where are the bloody seatbelts?"
  • [to Jack] "Oh, rack off, ya bloody show pony!"
  • "You don't want to race a rabbit, mate."
  • Ho, Ho, Ho!"
  • [to Jack's collection of teeth] "you call that a bag of choppers?" [Hold up larger sack] "Now that's a bag of choppers!"
  • [About Jamie] "Sandy, knock him out." [Sandy makes a fist at Jamie] "With the dreamsand, y'gumbie!"
  • [To a yeti about the eggs he's painting] "Too Christmas-y, mate. Paint 'em blue."
  • "Happy Easter."
  • "They can't see me. They can't see me."
  • Easter is new beginnings. New life. Easter's about hope, and now, it's gone...
  • Oh yeah, come on. Oh crickey!
  • [running away from Nightmares] "I'm just a bunny."
  • [to two Nightmares] G'day, mate. [destroys them with his boomerangs]
  • [After Sandy is resurrected] "Mate, you are a sight for sore eyes!"
  • [Repeating North] "Everyone loves the sleigh."


  • Bunny: [to Jack] "He has to go"
  • Jack: "What?"
  • Bunny: "We should NEVER have trusted you!" [Bunny prepares to punch Jack; Jack backs away fearfully. Bunny drops his arm, dejected.] Easter is new beginnings. New Life. Easter's about hope. and now its gone..."

Guardians of Childhood

E. Aster Bunnymund and the Warrior Eggs at the Earth's Core!

  • "I am E. Aster Bunnymund, I've been expecting you."
  • "There is a time for everything, and everything is in its time."
  • "Yes and no. I have and haven't. Maybe. Maybe not. I did, however, have an inking."
  • "I am neither a rabbit nor a man. I am a Pooka. The name is Bunnymund. E. Aster Bunnymund, to be precise."
  • "Dear fellow, this will be more difficult than I imagined. Drastic measures are required."
  • "I haven't done the Pookan mind meld in centuries. I didn't know you and the girl knew how."
  • "I'd say Pitch is making a tactical change in his plans."
  • "One of us goes forward to investigate while the other watches his back?"
  • "Now, get going, my friend; you wanted Pitch to yourself."

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