Jamie Bennett Relationship Quotes

This page contains a list of quotes said by Jamie Bennett in Rise of the Guardians.


  • "Mom, Sophie fell again!"
  • (unaware Jack is right there) "Who's Jack Frost?"
  • "Okay, who threw that?"
  • "Huh?"
  • "I knew you'd come!"
  • (When his friends stop believing) ...What's happened to you guys?
  • (To his plush bunny, pretending it's the Easter Bunny) Okay, look. You and I are obviously at what they call 'a crossroads'. So, here's what's gonna happen. If it wasn't a dream, and if you are real, then you have to prove it. Like, right now. (doesn't get a response) I've believed in you for a long time, okay? Like, my whole life, in fact. (picks up the plush bunny) So you kind of owe me now. You don't have to do much. Just a little sign so I know. (whispers) Anything. Anything at all. (Nothing happens) I knew it. (drops the plush bunny dejectedly then sees the bunny and egg Jack draws on his window) He's real!
  • (after Jack's snow bunny explodes above him) Snow? (a snowflake lands on his nose and he realizes what it means) Jack Frost.
  • (upon seeing Jack Frost for the first time) "Jack Frost!"
  • "Uh.. Jack Frost?"
  • "Jack, I'm scared."
  • (To Pitch) "I do believe in you. I'm just not afraid of you."

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