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Katherine Relationship Quotes

This page contains a list of quotes said by Katherine.

Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King

  • "There's something new and strange in the forest."
  • "No! We must stay together. Look! Something's coming!"
  • "Will I be turned into a Fearling?"
  • "It wasn't his fault. That bad one changed him. Think of what he's been to us!"
  • "Ombric's first lesson. I believe. I believe. I believe."
  • "But you were also our hero. We were so afraid. And then you came."
  • "Just rest, Mr. North."
  • "I know you'll do something grand."
  • "Will the djinni know us both from this?"
  • "I should like you, Djinni, to walk outside, please."
  • "Djinni, can you throw me as high into the air as you can and catch me?"
  • "Am I to come too?"
  • "I'm big enough! I could help!"
  • "Danger! Show me where!"
  • "Ombric and North are in danger?"
  • "Fly to the forest. Bring the reindeer."
  • "North? Ombric? How can I save you?"
  • "Get away!"
  • "I believe, I believe, I believe. Please be real again. This will work. I believe..."
  • "He was just worried about us."
  • "What do you suppose we'll be given?"
  • "What are they called again?"
  • "I should very much like to ride one. They are big enough."
  • "Ombric's right."
  • "Halcyon days?"
  • "But we didn't defeat Pitch."

E. Aster Bunnymund and the Warrior Eggs at the Earth's Core!

  • "I got a wonderful present. It's all a part of the story. Do you remember how Pitch disappeared into the ground to escape the sunlight? And remember how North made the mechanical djinni? Good. Now I will tell you what became of the djinni. Pitch had possessed the djinni, disguised as a spider, and he had learned Ombric's spells of enslavement. He'd turned Ombric and North into porcelain toys and he was going to destroy them. But the spectral boy named Nightlight saved us all."
  • "Nightlight is a great hero. He was once the protector of the Man in the Moon, and he kept Pitch trapped for centuries! He is fearless and powerful, and now he's our friend and protector."
  • "Nightlight and I found Ombric and North in the high Himalayas- the tallest mountains in the world. But since Pitch had gotten inside the djinni's metal shell, no light could get through to him, and he was practically invincible. He'd gathered a huge army of Fearlings, there was a terrible battle, and all hope seemed lost. Then-then!- Nightlght brought his own army to help us."
  • "Moonbeams! And the Lunar Lamas sent Abominable Snowmen. You know, the ones Ombric has always talked about? They're real, as big as our bear, and there are hundreds of them. They're actually called Yetis."
  • "Ah! That is the Lunar Lamadary! It was built by the Lunar Lamas. They're holy men older than even Ombric."
  • "He is the Man in the Moon. The Man in the Moon told us Pitch had crashed to Earth, and it was Nightlight who'd trapped him, deep underground, for all of those centuries when he'd disappeared!"
  • "I'll tell you more later- I have my baby goose to take care of! Yes! Her name is Kailash. She's a Himalayan Snow Goose, and she's going to grow as big as a horse. She thinks I'm her mother. But tonight at bedtime, my book will tell you all about her, I promise."
  • "Tonight I'm going to tell you about my gosling. The tale of the baby Snow Goose is sad-. It only begins sadly."
  • "After the battle, Pitch had retreated inside the djinni's body, but as he left, he caused an avalanche that buried the nests of the Great Snow Goose."
  • "The parents could not be found. We looked closer at the egg. It shuddered, and we heard a tiny tapping sound. A small hole appeared, then a little orange beak pecked through the eggshell, and then a white, feathered head pushed its way out!"
  • "I wish you could feel how soft her feathers are Maybe I'll be able to bring her home. I named her Kailash- that's the name of the smallest mountain in the Himalayas. Nightlight and I helped the geese rebuild their nests. They're enormous, nearly as big as a room. And the geese stand taller than North- and they are big enough for a person to ride upon! Ombric laughs every time he sees Kailash waddling behind me. I think he feels like a grandfather! We filled the nests with white goose down to make warm beds. Sometimes I even sleep with Kailash, so she won't feel lonely. But I'm very glad the Yetis know how to cook baby Snow Goose food."
  • "Now she can fly for two or three hours at a time. She's growing so fast, we have to keep making her nest bigger. She grows two or three inches a day. And I'm learning to speak Snow Goose. It's almost as hard as owl, but easier than eagle."
  • "He never says a word, but he seems to understand everything. With many creatures, I think he can talk just by thinking. But he likes to talk to me with pictures. Look!"
  • "Yesterday morning Nightlight had a surprise for me. I'd been waiting and waiting for Kailash to be big enough to ride, and secretly, Nightlight and Kailash had decided that it was the day! Kailash nudged my arm with her beak and lowered herself, so that I could climb onto her back.
  • "So I did. She unfolded her beautiful wings, and we took to the air. It felt as if we could fly forever. We flew all over the Himalayas, even the tallest mountain in the world, and of course we flew over the mountain Kailash was named for. We flew until it was dark. And then I tucked Kailash into her nest and told her a bedtime story about all of you till she fell asleep, and now it's time for all of us to do the same. Good night, everyone. Dream of Kailash and me, and we will come home to see you soon."
  • "Who was he? Did he say anything?"
  • "It does sound, hmmm... very unusual."
  • "And chocolate!"
  • "Me too."
  • "Want to help me feed her?"
  • "That's all right. Nightlight will help me."
  • "Nightlight is missing!"
  • "He hasn't returned since last night. No one has seen him."
  • "Pitch."
  • "To Santoff Claussen as fast as-"
  • "What's that?"
  • "Where is everyone?"
  • "It's the tip of Nightlight's staff. What happened, moonbeam? Where is everyone?"
  • "Where has Pitch taken Nightlight and the children?"
  • "It's Nightlight! He told the moonbeam not to believe everything it sees. He found a way!"
  • "Can we unfreeze them now? Maybe they can tell us where the books are."
  • "Nightlight is hurt!"
  • "You can do whatever you set your mind to."
  • "We'll be back. And so will all of your Williams."
  • "Is that a bad sign?"
  • "She's glad."
  • "Stay here until I know it's safe."
  • "The best chocolate I ever had or thought I would ever have!"
  • "Is that supposed to be Earth?"
  • "But... how did it become round?"
  • "You made Australia?"
  • "We do."
  • "But, well, we're in a hurry. Our friends are in trouble, and our teacher, Ombric Shalazar, believes you can help us."
  • "Can you help us get to the Earth's core from here?"
  • "It's not easy to choose."
  • "Didn't what?"
  • "You've been very generous. But we'd be most grateful if you would let us borrow the relic- and help us get to the Earth's core. Please."
  • "You know what Pitch did to the Golden Age. Don't you want to stop him from doing any more damage?"
  • "I think you made him mad."
  • "Pitch and his Fearlings don't even like chocolate or eggs!"
  • "Yes. Her name is Kailash. She thinks I'm her mother. I was there when she hatched."
  • "Well, her egg was large and silvery, with swirls of pebble-sized bumps that glistened like diamonds and opals."
  • "Silvery and blue."
  • "Kailash would be grateful to anyone who did as we asked."
  • "Are we getting close?"
  • "NORTH!"
  • "There is no time to tell you everything. We must call Ombric here now! He need us, and we need him. Pitch has made a trap for you."

Toothiana: Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies

  • "I will later!"
  • "None of the children have had bad dreams."
  • "Nightlight, have you seen anything?"
  • "Aren't you coming?"
  • "The Lamas, remember, are holy men, even older than Ombric! They've devoted their whole lives to studying the Man in the Moon. They know all about Nightlight and how he used to protect the little Man in the Moon in the Golden Age before Pitch-"
  • "Not a palace, really. But a fantastic place called a Lamadary."
  • "There's nowhere else on Earth closer to the Moon than the Lunar Lamadary."
  • "The Yetis- oh, they are magnificent creatures... They helped us defeat Pitch..."
  • "It means that there'll be amazing new things to invent and build and see and do."
  • "Everything will be... different."
  • "Mr Qwerty knows something."
  • "Can she really fly?"
  • "A flying elephant?"
  • "Troubles?"
  • "You must get my tooth back the instant she does her magic!"
  • "The flying elephant!"
  • "Pitch."
  • "The Guardians battled you in the Himalayas and at the center of the Earth, and each time, we won the day."
  • "You'll fail. You always do."
  • "But what do I know. You're the Nightmare King and I'm just a girl."
  • "What prize is that?"
  • "You've been brilliant at coming up with ways to thwart us- like sneaking into North's djinni or creating armor from Earth's core. Why, I can't begin to imagine how astounding and dreadful this new prize will be."
  • "Stop, stop! Those are my memories!"
  • "Don't. Please, please don't!"
  • "Stop it! Stop it!"

The Sandman and the War of Dreams

  • "Nightlight! Nightlight, help!"
  • "So have you."
  • "Kneel. And take this oath."
  • "From now on, you will be know as His Nocturnal Magnificence, Sanderson Mansnoozie, Sandman the First, Lord High Protector of Sleep and Dreams, and Guardian to the Children of Earth. Rise, Sandy!"

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