E. Aster Bunnymund Relationship Quotes

This page contains Bunnymund's relationships with the characters from Rise of the Guardians and The Guardians of Childhood.


Jack Frost

Jack: "If you're not a kangaroo, then what are you?"
Bunnymund: "I'm a bunny.
The Easter Bunny. People believe in me."

Bunnymund greatly dislikes Jack at first, holding a grudge against him for an event known as the Blizzard of '68 even many years later. What happened that caused this hate beyond the blizzard falling on Easter Sunday is unknown but its shown that Bunnymund, who pleaded for the new Guardian not to be the Groundhog, instantly changed his mind upon seeing it was Jack Frost, saying that the Groundhog was a better choice than Jack. He argues that Jack doesn't care about helping children but rather only cares about "freezing water pipes and messing with my egg hunts" and that "Jack Frost is many things, but he is not a Guardian." However, when North refuses to relent, Bunnymund lures Jack into a trap and helps the yetis kidnap him. At North's Workshop, Bunnymund is visibly disapproving of Jack's being chosen, piping up with sarcastic comments in response to Jack's queries and rolling his eyes during Jack's Guardian Ceremony. After Jack refuses to be a Guardian, he says they dodged a bullet with Jack's refusal and he further shows his dislike for Jack by asking what Jack actually knows about bringing joy to children and tells Jack that he's invisible because no one believes in him while Bunnymund is the Easter Bunny and is believed in. North breaks it up before it can go too far though on Sandy's insistence. Jack and Bunnymund later compete against each other over who can collect the most teeth, pulling tricks on each other to get the teeth. When Jamie Bennett sees the Guardians and Jack gets excited that Jamie can see them, Bunnymund is the one who informs him that Jamie can only see most of them and is more sympathetic towards Jack when he says it than when he previously told Jack that he was invisible. When the Guardians find Sophie in the Warren, Bunnymund panics and looks to Jack, who has the most experience with children up close for help, but Jack just reminds him that he's invisible. Jack uses his magic snowflakes to make Bunnymund loosen up and have fun with Sophie and afterwards the two share a friendly moment, joking about how Jack always calls him a kangaroo. At this point, Bunnymund has finally started to trust Jack and even accept him a little, but when Jack apparently betrays the Guardians to Pitch, it seemingly proves Bunnymund right about the boy and he nearly hits him, yelling that the Guardians never should've trusted Jack and he has to go. Jack is left clearly hurt by Bunnymund's words, but Bunnymund is too caught up in his own despair to notice and he and the Guardians turn their backs on Jack who was innocent and never given a chance to explain himself. When Jack returns to help the Guardians by reinforcing Jamie Bennett's belief, Jack is shocked and worried to see Bunnymund in his shrunken state but is amused by his reaction to Jamie touching him. When Jamie calls Bunnymund "cute", Bunnymund instantly accuses Jack of telling him to say that and ineffectually attacks his leg, challenging him to a fight before Jamie reveals that Jack had made him believe in Bunnymund just when he was about to stop. Hearing about Jack's act of kindness touches Bunnymund deeply and he stares at Jack with a grateful look in his eyes before Pitch attacks again. During the battle, after his powers and size are restored by Jamie and his friend's belief, Bunnymund fights alongside Jack and warns him when he sees Pitch about to attack. Bunnymund tries to block the attack and save Jack, but fails though he's luckily saved by a resurrected Sandy. Bunnymund gets drawn into the snowball fight that Jack starts between the Guardians, their helpers and the kids and stands with Jack against Pitch before he's dragged off to his lair by his own Nightmares. When Jack is again offered the chance to be sworn in as an official Guardian after Pitch's defeat, Bunnymund offers no objections, having come to see Jack as a friend and true Guardian. After Jack officially becomes a Guardian, Bunnymund congratulates him, going "that's my boy!" In the sleigh after they leave, Bunnymund smiles at Jack as he passes him.


Bunnymund: "Hang on, hang on... You- You mean to tell me you summoned me here, three days before Easter, because of your belly? Mate! If I did this to you, three days before Christmas-"
North: "Bunny, Easter is not Christmas!"

Bunnymund and North respect each other as fellow Guardians, Bunnymund albeit reluctantly following North's leadership, but they're constantly at odds due to North's ribbing that Christmas is better and more important than Easter. However, North once admits that Easter is more important than Christmas and Bunnymund is stunned by the admission. Despite their rivalry, North helps Bunnymund prepare for Easter and they fight together in battle with Bunnymund using his tunnels to transport North to Pitch, though he lands on the wrong roof by accident. The two share some more light-hearted moments together such as when during the competition, Bunnymund lights a fire to keep North from coming down a chimney and quips "ho, ho, ho" as he does it. The two have fun competing against each other and the other Guardians as well. Another time, Bunnymund emerges from a chimney while fighting with Pitch and yells "ho, ho, ho" as he pops up. Bunnymund is extremely nervous around North's sleigh, especially when he learns there are no seatbelts, but later agrees with North that "everybody loves the sleigh" when the kids see it.


Although it doesn't show, Bunnymund and Tooth seem to have a good friendship as shown that Tooth reached out to Bunnymund at Sandy's funeral and held his hand first then North's.


Bunnymund and Sandy appear to have a fine friendship, as they both initially disbelieved North about Pitch's return. When Sandy was apparently killed by Pitch, Bunnymund held hands with Tooth and North at Sandy's memorial service. It is noticed that Bunnymund had tears in his eyes, indicating his sorrow at Sandy's apparent death. When Sandy was restored by the children, he happily welcomed him back, telling him "mate, you are a sight for sore eyes."

The Man in the Moon

Book Characters


Bunnymund first met Ombric when he was young and attempted to fly using magic. Ombric almost died from the attempt, but he was saved by Bunnymund. They met again during the events of the Battle of Earth's Core. Afterwards, Ombric began to respect and idolize him.





"Happy Easter, ya little ankle-biter."

Bunnymund, like the rest of the Guardians, didn't actually spend time with children due to their respective responsibilities. But when Bunnymund discovered Sophie in the Warren, he was at loss on what to do, but (with a little help from Jack) soon warmed up to her, asking her if she'd like to help him paint Easter eggs, letting her ride on his back as he hopped, and holding her affectionately as she fell asleep in his arms. After Pitch was defeated, Bunnymund gave her some more Easter eggs to remember him by, wishing her Happy Easter.


Jamie is a deep believer in Bunnymund and the other Guardians, defending Bunnymund's existence to his disbelieving friends at the beginning of the movie. When Jamie wakes up and sees Bunnymund due to North's antics, he's excited he's there but Bunnymund quickly orders Sandy to knock him out. His choice of words and Sandy forming a fist as a result leave Jamie worried until Bunnymund clarifies that he means with the Dreamsand. As a result of the encounter, Jamie believes in Bunnymund more than ever even when his friends lose belief due to Pitch. Jamie becomes the last child in the world to believe and at the edge of losing his belief, he begs Bunnymund for a sign that he's real and their encounter wasn't a dream through his toy rabbit. When he gets none, he nearly loses belief, but Jack is able to restore it by making a snow bunny hop around Jamie's room. This also causes Jamie to believe in Jack and finally be able to see him. When the Guardians show up and Bunnymund is revealed to have been shrunken to the size of a normal rabbit, Jamie is deeply amused and scratches Bunnymund, who responds excitedly while asking what happened to him as Bunnymund used to be "huge and cool" but is now just "cute." Hearing that Bunnymund shakes him off and attacks Jack, believing he told Jamie to say that. However, when Jamie reveals that Jack made him believe in Bunnymund instead, it touches the Pooka deeply and helps mend his relationship with Jack. During the battle, Bunnymund promises Jamie the Guardians will protect him and Pitch's answering question of who will protect the Guardians makes Jamie and his friends step forward. Their belief restores the Guardians' powers though it takes Bunnymund a little longer to return to his normal size. After the battle, Bunnymund participates in a snowball fight with the Guardians and Jamie and his friends after Jack starts it and is shown to enjoy it. When the Guardians leave, Jamie waves them off.



Bunnymund and Pitch has been enemies even before Bunnymund was a Guardian. Pitch and Bunnymund fought thousand of years ago and Pitch describes the battle as the first time he almost lost. The confrontation between Pitch and Bunnymund resulted in Bunnymund becoming the last Pooka.


Mother Nature

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