Jamie Bennett Relationship Quotes

This page contains a list of Jamie's relationship with character from Rise of the Guardians.


Jack Frost

"You can see me?" - Jack Frost

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Of all the children Jack had ever encountered, he would find himself drawn to one particular child who truly believed in the Guardians; a boy by the name of Jamie. Jack first encountered Jamie when he was walking near his pond and was interested in the book Jamie was holding and asked him about it despite Jamie not being able to see him. Jack was also offended when Jamie's mother told Jamie not to let Jack Frost nip his nose and said he was just an expression showing that despite his belief in all sorts of mythological creatures, Jamie had no knowledge of Jack himself. Jack used his winter magic to give Jamie and his friends a Snow Day and guided Jamie as he rode his sled on an epic ride, ending with Jamie losing a tooth. The result made Jamie excited for a chance to see the Tooth Fairy, which frustrated Jack, as he'd hoped the Snow Day and sled ride he'd given Jamie and his friends would get them to believe in him. Jack's efforts to get Jamie to see him led to Jamie walking right through Jack, something that clearly hurt him to have happen. Jack later observed Jamie with his mother and sister as he told the story of his epic sled ride and was shown to be upset by his lack of recognition for his role in it.

When the Guardians collected the children's teeth themselves, Jack went to Jamie's house with Tooth to collect Jamie's tooth and was shown to be fond of the boy despite Jamie being unable to see him. Jack got gently admonished for his role in Jamie losing his tooth in the first place and was shown to be embarrassed by it when confronted. Jack also used collecting Jamie's tooth to show Tooth just how different it is to work with kids up close rather than from a distance as the other Guardians do. Jamie eventually woke up due to North's antics and Jack was excited when he realized the boy could see the Guardians until he realized that Jamie still couldn't see him. Despite this, he took the opportunity to prank Bunnymund by setting Jamie's greyhound Abby on him by activating Jamie's alarm clock. This resulted in all but Jack and Sandy being knocked out, but Jamie clearly enjoyed Jack's prank even though he didn't know who was behind it.

Jamie Bennet and Jack Frost

Jamie sees Jack for the first time

During the climax of the movie, it was revealed that Jamie was the last child to believe in the Guardians. Jack excitedly rushed to Jamie's house after seeing that he was the last child on Pitch's Globe of Belief. Jack arrived just as Jamie was about to lose belief due to a lack of response from the Easter Bunny through his toy rabbit for a sign. Jack used his powers to draw an easter egg and bunny on the window, restoring Jamie's belief. Jack added a special touch by making the bunny come to life and jump around Jamie's room, but this had an unexpected side-effect: when the bunny exploded into snow above Jamie, he realized that Jack Frost was visiting him and finally started believing in him. Jack was so stunned to hear a child calling his name that he didn't even realize that Jamie was looking directly at him, open-mouthed for a minute. Jack finally realized that Jamie could see him and it nearly drove him to tears to finally have a believer. Jack and Jamie instantly became friends with Jack assuring Jamie of the existence of all the spirits he believes in and Jamie excited when he learns that Jack was responsible for the sled ride he had. Jamie even acknowledged Jack's presence to his mother when she asked who he was talking to. When the other Guardians arrived, Jamie followed Jack outside to meet with them and in the process, revealed that he could now see Jack, earning him a playful nudge from Jack. He also helped settle the differences between Jack and Bunnymund when he revealed that Jack made him believe in Bunnymund when he was on the verge of losing his belief, deeply touching the Easter Bunny. When Jack was knocked out of the sky by Pitch, Jamie was left greatly concerned for him and when surrounded by Nightmares, told Jack he was scared. Going to comfort Jamie caused Jack to realize that Fun was his center and he made Jamie laugh despite the danger by hitting Pitch with a snowball. When the Guardians collected Jamie's friends, Jack allowed Jamie to fly with him, carrying him to each of his friends' windows to wake them. Seeing Jamie like this and Jack's magic got him even more believers. When the Guardians were faced with the apparently unstoppable Pitch, Jamie stood with Jack, the only one left to have any real power and was the first to declare that he'd stand with the Guardians. His power of belief turned Pitch's Black Sand back into Dream Sand and restored Sandy, saving Jack from Pitch's attack. After Pitch was defeated, Jack started a friendly snowball fight by pelting Jamie with a snowball. Jamie attended Jack's Guardian Ceremony and Jack looked to him for approval before agreeing which Jamie proudly gave him. When the Guardians started to leave Jamie, having grown close with Jack, got worried that if he never saw him again he'd lose belief in his new friend and the other Guardians. Jack reassured him that the Guardians would always be there for him and as they would always be in his heart too, it made him something of a Guardian himself. Jack also reminded him that just because you can't see something all the time doesn't mean it doesn't exist. As Jack left, Jamie gave him a hug, shocking Jack who wasn't used to children hugging him but who quickly returned it and showing the bond of brotherhood that had developed between them.


Jamie and sandy

Jamie is a believer of the Sandman as well as the other Guardians. When North's antics wake Jamie up, he's excited to see Sandy, but gets worried when Bunnymund orders Sandy to knock him out and he makes a fist before Bunnymund clarifies that he means with the Dreamsand. During the ruckus that follows due to Jack setting Abby on Bunnymund, Jamie ends up in the Sandman's arms and is happy to be there until Sandy knocks him out and puts him back to bed. Seeing Sandy for real along with the other Guardians allows Jamie to keep his belief when all the other children in the world lose it and he is also able to turn the Black Sand back into Dreamsand with the power of his belief. Seeing this, he realizes how to resurrect Sandy and rallies his friends to do so. Jamie and his friends bring Sandy back in time to stop Pitch and Jamie salutes him when Sandy tips a hat at Jamie and his friends. Jamie later waves as Sandy and the other Guardians fly off.


Jamie was a strong believer in the Tooth Fairy and was excited about the possibility of meeting her to the point that he forgot all about the sledding adventure Jack took him on when he lost his tooth and realized he could possibly meet the Tooth Fairy as a result. When the Guardians collected the teeth themselves due to Pitch stealing Tooth's MiniFairies, Tooth personally collected Jamie's lost tooth, accompanied by Jack. She quickly realized that Jack had knocked it out in the first place and gently admonished Jack for doing that. Seeing Jamie sleeping, Tooth was reminded of why she loved doing her job: seeing the kids. Jack used Jamie as an example to remind her that working with kids up close is different than doing it from a distance like all the Guardians but him do. When North's antics wake Jamie, he's excited that Tooth actually came while she's embarrassed to be caught by him. The encounter allows Jamie to keep his belief even when the other children lose it long enough for Jack to strengthen his fading belief. During the final battle, Jamie vows to protect Tooth and the other Guardians and the power of his belief restores both their powers and Sandy, allowing them to defeat Pitch. Jamie then takes part in a friendly snowball fight with the Guardians started by Jack and waves to the Guardians as they fly off after officially swearing Jack in.



Jamie is a true believer of the Easter Bunny and defended him from Caleb and Claude. When talking to his toy bunny, he tells it that he's believed in the Easter Bunny for "like my whole life." He was excited to go egg hunting on Easter. When Easter came he never gave up when he couldn't find any of the eggs, he kept trying to find them. Even when his friends started to lose faith in the Easter Bunny, Jamie continue to believe knowing he met them and it wasn't a dream.

When all the other children in the world had stopped believing, Jamie seeing the Easter Bunny and the other Guardians in his room allowed him to keep his belief for a little while longer though he started to despair after begging Bunnymund through his toy bunny to send him a sign that he was real and got nothing. Jamie nearly lost his belief as a result, but Jack restored it by using his ice powers to bring a bunny drawing to life and making it hop around Jamie's room. Jack restoring his belief in Bunnymund inadvertently led to Jamie believing in Jack himself when the snow bunny exploded and he realized Jack Frost had caused it. When meeting the Guardians again, Jamie was deeply amused to see Bunnymund in his tiny state, saying Bunnymund used to be "huge and cool" but was now just "cute." He also gave Bunnymund a scratch that brought him great joy until Jamie called him cute at which point he shook him off to attack Jack, believing he'd told Jamie to call him cute. Instead, Jamie told him about Jack restoring his belief in Bunnymund which left Bunnymund deeply touched by Jack's actions. During the battle, Bunnymund vowed to protect Jamie and his friends despite his powerless state, but instead, Jamie's belief restored the Guardians' powers and brought Sandy back to life. Jamie took part in a friendly snowball fight with Bunnymund and the other Guardians and waved to them as they flew off after Jack was officially sworn in.


Jamie has always believe in Santa Claus. Jamie was able to see North when he woke up when they were all in his room. When everyone is knocked out, Jamie is left sleeping against North's side though this doesn't last long as the Guardians quickly wake up to battle Pitch. When his other friends lost belief in the Guardians, Jamie refused to due to their visit to his house. When Jamie came out of his house before the final battle, he was awed to see the Guardians and North to see him. Jamie went to North and shook his hand and in the process of telling North that he knew the Guardians' visit wasn't a dream, revealed that he could now see Jack. North was clearly very happy about this and stunned. He was also amused by Jamie's antics with the tiny Bunnymund. During the battle, North tried to protect Jamie and the other children but was too weak. Instead, Jamie's belief restored the Guardians' powers and allowed them to defeat Pitch. Jamie ended up taking part in a massive snowball fight with North and the other Guardians afterwards and witnessed North swearing Jack in as a Guardian. When the Guardians flew off on North's sleigh, Jamie was the only one who wasn't awing over it but because he was worried about losing belief in the Guardians again and saying his goodbyes to his new friend Jack Frost. When the Guardians left, Jamie waved after all of them.


Sophie Bennett

Sophie is Jamie's little sister and he loves her. When he has his sledding adventure, Jamie excitedly tells her the story until his mother orders him to bed. Despite this, Jamie is a little apathetic about Sophie getting hurt as when Sophie fell, Jamie just called to his mother that she fell again and made no move to help her. However, this may be because she's always falling and he knew she wasn't really hurt.

Mrs. Bennett

Jamie is close with his mother despite her not believing in mythological figures like he does. He told both her and Sophie the story of his sledding adventure and she was the first one to mention Jack Frost to him, though she told him it was just a figure of speech. While she's indulgent of his beliefs, she also doesn't let him go overboard such as staying up all night to see the Tooth Fairy collect his missing tooth. When Mrs. Bennett hears his excited talking to Jack, Jamie is embarrassed at being caught and not sure what to say until Jack signals him to go ahead and he tells her he was talking to Jack Frost. Mrs. Bennett, who doesn't believe in Jack Frost, is left amused by Jamie's claim and leaves it at that while Jamie finds her reaction funny.