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This page contains all of North's relationship with characters from Rise of the Guardians and The Guardians of Childhood series.



Before the Elves became Elves, they were North's fellow bandits, who fell prey to the wiles of the Spirit of the Forest and were turned to stone creatures for their greed. When they were later on revived, they stayed and were transformed as Elves became North's helpers.

The Elves don't actually make North's toys, but they receive the credit for it. They just play with the toys as market testing to see if they're fun or not. If they're not doing that, they have custodial duties such as sweeping and mopping, and serving treats or refreshments to North or his guests. They also do party decorations and caroling.[1]


The Yetis are North's real toymakers, contrary to popular belief that the Elves are responsible.


Jack Frost

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North and Jack

Jack: Why me?
North: You have something very special inside, and we can't do it without you.

Jack and North are friendly towards each other possibly due to the fact they both (on different levels) represent Winter and Christmas. Out of all the Guardians, North shows the most faith in Jack, teaching him about what every Guardian must discover for him or herself, their center, providing an example by explaining his own center, Wonder. When Jack is chosen, North is more contemplative than anything else and despite Bunnymund's objections, calls Jack a Guardian. He also comes up with the idea to kidnap Jack with a sack and is proud of himself for it, not catching Jack's sarcasm about his not liking it. When Jack asks about being on the Naughty List, North gets slightly stern when telling him that Jack holds the record but is still willing to wipe the slate clean due to Jack's new status. He is also amused when Jack tells him that he has repeatedly tried to break into North's Workshop, something that is clearly a surprise to North. North is the one who gets Jack to agree to help them, first by seeing his impressive sleigh and then promising to help Jack get his memories back. He quickly befriends the young spirit and when he's disheartened by his failure to save Sandy, tells him that Sandy would be proud that he saved the other Guardians and that while he may not know who Jack used to be, he knows that in this life he's a Guardian. His words seem to reach Jack as he looks less depressed after hearing them. When Jack apparently betrays them on Easter however, North is the first to turn against him, accusing Jack of betraying them to Pitch and turning his back on the winter spirit. In return, Jack drops the nesting doll North gave him before leaving. When Jack returns to help at Jamie Bennett's house, North is stunned and slightly suspicious to see him but this disappears when Jack reveals he came to help Jamie keep believing and Jamie comes out of the house. When its revealed that Jamie can now see Jack, North is stunned but is very happy for his friend. Jack and North share a moment of amusement at Bunnymund's state and Jamie's reaction to it. He and Jack fight side by side in the following battle and when Jack starts a snowball fight between the kids, the Guardians and their helpers, North realizes that Jack has found his center and gives him a nesting doll of it, indicating North may have already figured it out before he's drawn into the snowball fight. After Pitch's defeat, North offers Jack the chance to be sworn in as a Guardian once more, indicating that he considers it to be a mere formality as he asks Jack if he's ready to "make it official." When Jack agrees with Jamie's encouragement, North swears him in as the new Guardian and then proudly hugs Jack and kisses him on both cheeks, catching Jack off-guard.


North and Bunnymund are friends and allies but also rivals. They often argue about which is more important: Christmas or Easter. They have known each other for many years and Bunnymund once saved North's life with some special chocolate. [2] During the movie, while he constantly argues with Bunnymund over which is more important, he does admit that at the moment at least, Easter is more important than Christmas, stunning Bunnymund. North helps Bunnymund prepare for Easter and is stunned by the amount of eggs they have to paint. He is also amused by Jamie's reaction to Bunnymund's tiny state and how Bunnymund clearly enjoys the boy's attention. During the competition, Bunnymund lights a fire in a chimney to keep North from going down it, quipping "ho, ho, ho." He later helps North reach the battle on the roof with his tunnels, though North accidentally lands on the wrong roof.


Tooth and North are friends, allies and fellow Guardians. North seems to care for Tooth as he came out with the plan on gathering the teeth to keep the children believing in her. Together they give a parental air to the Guardians.


Sandman and North are friends, allies, and fellow Guardians. When Sandy was by Pitch's arrow, he tried to reach him, but the nightmares got in the way. When Sandy disappeared, North, like the other guardians, were mourning his friend's death in a memorial for him. When Sandy came back, North and the other guardians were leaping with joy and North lifted him in the air.

The Man in the Moon

Book character






North and Pitch knew of each other, and in the beginning of the film, he is been threatening the children of the world with his nightmares again.

The Monkey King


Mother Nature


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