Pitch Black Relationship Quotes

This page contains all of Pitch Black's relationships with characters from Rise of the Guardians and The Guardians of Childhood series.


Emily Jane

Emily Jane, also known as Mother Nature, is Pitch's only daughter. When Pitch was Kozmotis Pitchiner, he loved his daughter's wild heart and turned a blind eye to her disobedient ways. Before he left for a false ambush set up by Dream Pirates, Emily Jane gave him a silver locket with her picture in it. He promise to return on his soul to his daughter, however, it never happened. He would later meet his daughter again many years later after he was pinned by the Guardians. Emily Jane declared that she will neither help nor hinder her father, if he doesn't turn Katherine into his Darkling Daughter.

Lady Pitchiner

Lady Pitchiner was Pitch's wife when he was Kozmotis Pitchiner. They both raised their only daughter, Emily Jane together on a moon in the Constellation Orion. Pitch lost his wife when he left for the false ambush set up by the Dream Pirates. Knowing that help will not come fast enough, she took a doll that would resemble her daughter and went through a window to her death.


Jack Frost

Pitch and Jack were aware of the other one's existence in the past but didn't engage one another until the events of the film. At first, Pitch was dismissive of Jack, viewing him as nothing more than a neutral party. It was not until Jack was able to overpower Pitch long enough for the Guardians to escape did he finally start to acknowledge him as a rival. Pitch then manipulates certain events to distract Jack long enough for his Nightmares to destroy Easter and weaken the Guardians further. Openly mocking and exploiting Jack's fears, Pitch only then allows Jack to leave after he takes Baby Tooth and tricks Jack into taking his memory case, making it look like Jack betrayed the Guardians.

After the Guardians turn Jack away, Pitch follows him to the Antarctic, where he has now come to see Jack as a kindred spirit; both knowing what it feels like to be cast out and not to be believed in. He offers that they team up, but Jack however, not wanting to scare children, turns down his offer. Hurt by his refusal, Pitch uses Baby Tooth as a bargaining chip in order to get Jack to relinquish his staff, which he snaps over his knee, breaking it in two, and leaving a weakened Jack in a crevice.

Jack confronts Pitch one more time in Burgess, in order to protect the last light. Pitch, who now sees Jack as his enemy, fights both him and the Guardians head on. As the children turn his Nigthmares back into Dreamsand, and the Guardians overpower Pitch, in one last act of defiance, he merges with the shadows and distracts the Guardians long enough so he can form a giant scythe and aim for a defenseless Jack. Sandy stops Pitch at the last moment before the blade can hit, saving Jack's life. Afterwards, Jack can only watch as the Nightmares turn on their master, dragging him back into his lair.


North, more commonly known as Santa Claus, the Guardian of Wonder, was chosen by The Man in the Moon, along with the other Guardians, to defeat Pitch Black, who was at the height of his power, and bring an end to the Dark Ages. Pitch never forgot and would never forgive North for stripping him of his power and taking away his belief. Years later, when Pitch puts his plans into motion, he goes straight to the North Pole, knowing North would summon the other Guardians and providing him the opportunity to strike the Tooth Palace. North is the one to lead the Guardians against Pitch.


Bunny, the Easter Bunny and the Guardian of Hope, was chosen by the Man in Moon to protect the children of the world and was one of the original Guardians to defeat Pitch at the height of the Dark Ages. Bunny is the most reluctant to believe that Pitch has finally returned, and needs to be convinced by the Man in the Moon. When Pitch strikes the Tooth Palace, Bunny quickly loses his temper by Pitch's offhand comments and mocking both them and Jack. He would have attacked first if Tooth did not steal one of his boomerangs so she could engage with Pitch herself. The four chase after Pitch, Bunny throwing a few egg grenades after him, but Pitch ultimately escapes.

After Pitch takes down Sandy and destroys Easter, the loss affected Bunny greatly, his lack of belief causing him to turn into an actual rabbit. Pitch teases Bunny about his smaller form, but Bunny still does not stand down and vows to protect Jamie from Pitch with his fellow Guardians. In the final battle, as the children's belief returns, Bunny reverts back to his old form and fights Pitch with the other Guardians, easily overpowering him. He stands with the others as they watch Pitch's Nightmares drag their master back to his lair.


Toothiana, known in folklore as the Tooth Fairy, she is the Guardian of Memories, and an enemy of Pitch's, chosen by the Man in the Moon to protect the children of the world. When Pitch first attacks the Guardians, he strikes the Tooth Palace first, stealing both the memory boxes and Tooth's fairies. Overcome with sadness at the loss of her fairies, in a fit of rage she attacks Pitch head on with one of Bunny's boomerangs. Pitch easily dismissed her attempts and went on to gloat, mocking the Guardians and taking great joy in telling Jack what will happen to Tooth and her palace now that children are waking up, no longer believing in the Tooth Fairy.

Tooth fights Pitch with Jack and the rest of the Guardians in the final battle in Burgess. She protects Jack from Pitch's attacks and takes down many of his Nightmares. After Pitch is finally defeated and lost all of his belief, Tooth throws a quarter at Pitch and then proceeds to punch him with enough force, it causes a tooth to fall out. She watches with the rest of the Guardians as Pitch's Nightmares drag him back into his lair.


Sandy, commonly know as The Sandman, is one of the guardians who originally faced off against Pitch during the Dark Ages and brought good dreams to children. He also appears to the only being Pitch actually fears, capable of overpowering Pitch with ease in battle. Before the events of the film, Pitch spent his time collecting Sandy's Dreamsand and experimenting with it in order to convert it into Nightmares. Only when Pitch finally has enough Nightmares for his army, does he finally strike against the Guardians, using Sandy's own weapon against him. After weakening the Guardians, Pitch then goes after Sandy, luring both Jack and Sandy away from the other Guardians so his army can overpower the Guardian of Dreams long enough for Pitch to attack by surprise, killing Sandy with a black sand arrow.

Pitch gloats about his victory over Sandy and quickly overpowers the rest of the Guardians until Jamie and the other children are capable of turning the Nightmares back into Dreamsand, thereby bringing Sandy back to life. Sandy then stops Pitch from almost killing Jack, and with no effort, sends Pitch flying into the air and slamming him back to the ground, effectively knocking him out. In the end, Sandy watches with his friends as Pitch is dragged back to his lair by his own minions.

Man in the Moon

The Man in the Moon is almost as old as Pitch himself, and for years Pitch considered the silent Guardian to be an old friend of his. Pitch rose to power during the Dark Ages and it was due to the Man in the Moon that the Guardians were given the power needed to defeat Pitch and strip him of his belief. Resentful, Pitch vowed revenge and attack the Man in the Moon's Guardians. Knowing Pitch's plan, the Man in the Moon chose Jack Frost to become the next Guardian, and it was only due to Jack's involvement that Pitch was finally defeated.



The Nightmares are Pitch's creations and minions. They are sinister horse-like beings made out of black sand-originally Sandy's Dreamsand, corrupted and manipulated by Pitch. According to Pitch, it took him "a while" to perfect his ability to turn Dreams into Nightmares. Pitch displays a degree of pride and perhaps even affection for his Nightmares, gloating about them to the Guardians and sardonically warning them about their ability to "smell fear" while gently caressing his trusted steed, Onyx.

However, though the Nightmares serve Pitch efficiently for most of the time, they are not truly loyal to him. This is shown at the end of the movie, when they surround Pitch and the Guardians after the children stop fearing and believing in Pitch, frightening him. At first, Pitch believes that the Nightmares are here to support him, but then realizes, to his horror, that they are actually here for him, as he is afraid and the Guardians are not. The Nightmares then attack their terrified master and drag him back into his lair, feeding on his fear instead.


Onyx is the lead Nightmare Horse and Pitch's trusted steed. She was originally a child's dream, most noticeably Cupcake's unicorn dream, which Pitch himself turns into a minion with a touch of fear- rendering it a Nightmare. Onyx is not among the Nightmares who turn on Pitch, as she was turned back into a Dream beforehand.

Book Characters


After meeting Katherine in Santoff Claussen and the Himalayas, she became an unexpected enemy to Pitch. During their time at the Himalayas, he planned to turn Katherine into his Darkling Princess. At the Battle at Earth's core, she showed him the locket containing a picture of his daughter, Pitch took the locket and disappeared. With an army of monkeys, he kidnaps Katherine and steals Tooth's relic and Katherine's tooth and went to Punjam Hy Loo. Pitch looked into the memories within Katherine's tooth and learns about her past and tries to manipulate her into believing that the nightmare that she had about the picture in the locket changing from his daughter to Katherine, was true. He tried to play on Katherine's longing for parent figure and almost succeeded.


Nightlight is one of Pitch's oldest enemies, along with Man in the Moon. Nightlight fought to protect Man in the Moon from being turned into a Prince of Nightmares by Pitch. He stabbed Pitch's heart with a diamond dagger and he was trapped in Pitch's cold heart and Pitch fell into the Earth and was imprisoned for many years. After the pair were freed, Nightlight continued to oppose Pitch's plans, and Pitch possessed a particular hatred for his old foe. He briefly sought to turn him into a Fearling Prince, but during one attempt to do so, Nightlight's inner light caused Pitch's hand to become human again. Eventually, Pitch was able to strike a blow against Nightlight that left him a forever boy filled with the power of ice and snow, leading to him becoming Jack Frost. However, Pitch's attack backfired, as Jack soon learned to use his powers against Pitch's evil.


Being much more ancient than Ombric, Pitch doesn't consider him to be much of a threat to his power, and finds him more of a nuisance than anything else. He does respect the power of Ombric's knowledge, however, shown by his desire to possess Ombric's library and thus gain the power of its secrets.