Sandman Relationship Quotes

This page contains all of Sandman's Relationships with the characters from Rise of the Guardians and The Guardians of Childhood series.


The Man in the Moon

Nicholas St. North

E. Aster Bunnymund


Jack Frost

Unlike the other Guardians, Sandy and Jack had a good relationship right off the bat. When Jack spotted Sandy's Dreamsand, he fondly commented "right on time Sandman" and played with it a bit. North indicates that the two had previously known each other before Jack became a Guardian unlike Jack and Tooth as he says "and you know Sandy" when introducing the Guardians and Jack is shown to be amused by Sandy falling asleep in mid-air. Sandy also tries to explain the situation to Jack, but he doesn't understand what Sandy is trying to show him as Sandy goes too fast but Jack thanks him for trying. The first time North tries to swear Jack in as a Guardian, Sandy gives an enthusiastic thumbs up unlike the others who are more reserved or disapproving in Bunnymund's case. The two compete against each other while collecting the teeth for Tooth and are also the only ones who remain awake after Jack's prank results in Sandy accidentally knocking the other Guardians out. When Jack is excited by the results, Sandy gives him an amused but disapproving look and follows him as he chases Pitch's Nightmares. Jack quickly grows to respect Sandy's fighting skills saying "remind me not to make you mad" after seeing him fight. When Sandy is surrounded by Pitch's Nightmares, Jack risks his life to fly to his rescue despite the Guardians trying to stop him and yells an anguished "no" when Sandy dies. Sandy's death causes Jack to unlock a power he didn't know he had and destroy Pitch's tsunami of Black Sand, saving himself and the Guardians. Jack later mourns Sandy's death privately and is shown to be hit hard by his inability to save his friend. When he tells North he wishes he could've done more, North tells him that Jack stood up to Pitch and saved the Guardians and Sandy would be proud of him for it. This finally reaches Jack through his grief and Jack's actions to help Sandy cause North to be more sure than ever that whoever Jack was as a human, he's a Guardian in his current life. During the final battle, when Jamie Bennett and his friends resurrect Sandy with their belief, he returns in time to save Jack's life. When Jack realizes Sandy is returning, he is excited and later pulls Sandy and the Guardians into a snowball fight with the kids after Sandy restores the belief of the children of the world. Sandy watches as Jack once again is offered the chance to be a Guardian and finally accepts, congratulating him afterwards.

Book Characters





Jamie Bennett

Mother Nature



Pitch Black

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