Sophie Bennett Relationship Quotes

This page contains all of Sophie's Relationships with the characters from Rise of the Guardians.


Jamie Bennett

Sophie clearly loves her brother and is shown excitedly listening to his story about his sledding adventure. However, Jamie is somewhat apathetic about her getting hurt despite loving her too as shown when she falls and he just calls to his mother to tell her and does nothing to help her. However, Jamie's reaction suggests that she falls often and he knew she wasn't really hurt so he wasn't concerned about that. When Jamie plans to stay up to see the Tooth Fairy collect his missing tooth, he invites Sophie to join him before his mother puts a stop to it.

Mrs. Bennett



Sophie and bunny

Sophie is shown to have a fondness for Bunnymund from the start, even before meeting him, constantly going "bunny, hop, hop, hop" whenever the Easter Bunny is mentioned. When she accidentally ends up in the Warren, Bunnymund panics upon seeing her, but Jack's magic snowflakes get him to loosen up and have fun with her. Bunnymund invites Sophie to help him paint his eggs for Easter and carries her around on his back while they paint the eggs. After she falls asleep, Bunnymund holds her in his lap and is shown to be clearly fond of her. After Pitch is defeated, Bunnymund gives her a few eggs and says goodbye to her, admitting he's going to miss her and calling her "ankle biter."


Tooth shows Sophie her baby teeth

Sophie complimented Tooth by stating that she was "pretty" during the scene in the Warren. However, Tooth scared the young girl away when showing some teeth covered with remnants of blood and gum. Later, Tooth states that "she loves Sophie."


Nicholas St. North

Jack Frost

Jack is shown to be fond of Sophie though he doesn't directly interact with her much. He witnesses her fall at the house at the beginning of the movie and thus recognizes her when the Guardians find her in the Warren. However, when the Guardians turn to him for help in dealing with her, he points out he can't as he's invisible to her. He does help though by using his magic snowflakes to get Bunnymund to have fun with her. He's also amused by the thought that one kid could ruin Easter, saying that if that's the case, they're in more trouble than he thought. When Sophie falls asleep, Jack offers to carry her home and gets the Guardians to agree. Jack puts Sophie (who clings to him tightly in her sleep) into bed, but she falls out, causing him to cringe. However, before he can rectify the situation, her mother calls out to her so he drops a blanket on her and a toy next to her instead and quickly leaves. While Sophie takes part in Jack's snowball fight after the Guardians defeat Pitch, he doesn't interact with her, instead interacting mainly with the Guardians and her brother.



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