The full transcript of DreamWorks Animation's full-length feature film, Rise of the Guardians.

Jack Awakens

Jack: Darkness... That's the first thing I remember. It was dark, and it was cold, and I was scared. But then, then I saw the moon - it was so big, and it was so bright, it seemed to chase the darkness away. [Jack gasps] And when it did, I wasn't scared anymore.

Jack: Why I was there and what I was meant to do [sigh] that I'd never know... and a part of me wonders if I ever will.

[Jack discovers his ice powers using the staff before crashing into some trees. He breezes into a small village. Folk music can be heard.]

[Jack shouts as he lands ungracefully.] Hello. Hello! Good evening, ma'am. [Dog barks] Ma'am. Oh! Ah-ah excuse me, can you tell me where I am- [Villager passes through him] [Jack gasps] Hello?

Jack: My name is Jack Frost. How do I know that? The moon told me so. That was all he ever told me. And that was a long, long time ago.

The Guardians Gather

[300 years later]

North: [hums along with music while using a chainsaw] Still waiting for cookies! [More humming, then chuckling]

North: Ah! Finally! Mm mm! [He laughs]

Yeti: [Bursts in while shouting and breaks the glass train-plane]

North and Yeti: Ah! Ahh!!

North: How many times have I told you to knock?

Yeti: [answers incomprehensibly to the audience]

North: What? The globe?

North: [grabs a sword and shoos the elves away] Shoo with your pointy heads! Why are you always under boot? [He turns to two yetis] What is this? Have you checked the axis? Is rotation balanced?

Yetis: [answer affirmatively]

Pitch: [swirls up black sand and shadows, chuckles, and disappears]

North: Can it be? Dingle! [4 elves stand at attention with bells jingling.] Make preparations. We're going to have company.

[Soundtrack - A tooth fairy is collecting a tooth and bringing it back to the Tooth Palace.]

Tooth: [Mumbling about her work] ... We've got a cuspid at 23 Maple. Head out! Wait! It's her first tooth... have you ever seen a more adorable lateral incisor in all of your life? Look how she flossed! ... [Notices the aurora borealis] Uh!

North: My fellow Guardians, it is our job to watch over the children of the world, and keep them safe, to bring wonder, hope, and dreams... And so, I've called us all here for one reason, and one reason only: the children are in danger.

[Soundtrack - The Sandman was working, but notices the aurora borealis and so changes his sand into an airplane and heads for the North Pole.]

North: An enemy we have kept at bay for centuries has finally decided to strike back! We alone who can stop him.

Bunny: [appears at the North Pole after dashing through tunnels] Ugh, it's freezing! Oh... Oh! Can't feel my feet! I can't feel my feet!

[Inside the workshop]

North: Cookies? Eggnog? Anyone?

Bunny: This better be good, North. [Tooth mumbling to her Fairies in the background]

North: Sandy! Thank you for coming. [After Sandy gestures] I know, I know, but I obviously wouldn't have called you all here unless it was serious! The boogeyman was here! At the Pole!

Tooth: Huh! Pitch? Pitch Black? Here?

North: Yes... There was black sand covering the globe.

Bunny: W-w-what, whadda' ya' mean black sand?

North: And then - a shadow!

Bunny: [Painting an egg] Hold on, hold on- I thought you said you saw Pitch!

North: Well, uh, not exactly...

Bunny: Not exactly?! Can you believe this guy?

Sandy: [responds in symbol "?"]

Bunny: Yeah, you said it Sandy. [Goes back to painting an egg]

North: Look, he's up to something very bad. I feel it... in my belly!

Bunny: Hang on, hang on- Y-you mean to say, you summoned me here 3 days before Easter, because of your belly?! Mate, if I did this to you 3 days before Christmas-

North: [Merrily] Please, Bunny, Easter is not Christmas!

Bunny: [Wry laugh x2] Here we go... North, I- I don't have time for this! I still have 2 billion eggs to finish up!

North: No matter how much you paint, is still egg.

Sandy: [tries to get their attention]

Bunny: Look mate! I'm dealing with perishables! Right, you've got all year to prepare!

Tooth: Ontario, Sector 9, 5 canines, 2 molars, and 14 incisors--

North: Why are rabbits always so nervous?

Tooth: Is that all in one house?

Bunny: And why are you always such a blowhard?

North: Tooth! Can't you see we're trying to argue?

Tooth: Sorry! Not all of us get to work one night a year, am I right Sandy?

Sandy: [arrow pointing up]

Tooth: Huh! Sandiego, sector 2--

Bunny: Come on, mate, Pitch went out with the Dark Ages, huh? We made sure of it.

North: I know it was him. We have serious situation.

Tooth: Hey, hey, I hate to interrupt--

Bunny: Well I have a serious situation with some eggs!

Sandy: [gets mad and grabs an elf]

Tooth: Concentrate on the matter--

Sandy: [rings the elf's bell furiously, then gestures to the Man in the Moon once he has their attention]

North: Ah! Man in Moon! Sandy, why didn't you say something?

Sandy: [gets a little frustrated]

North: It's been a long time, old friend! What is big news?

MiM: [shines a light on their Guardian emblem, with the shadow becoming Pitch]

Bunny: It is Pitch...

North: [pats his belly vigorously] Manny, what must we do?

MiM: [the Guardian plate opens up to reveal a crystal embedded in rock rising from the floor]

Tooth: Uh guys, you know what this means?

North: He's choosing a new Guardian...

Bunny: What?! Why?

North: Must be big deal. Manny thinks we need help.

Bunny: Since when do we need help?

Tooth: I wonder who it's gonna be? Maybe the Leprechaun? [Sandy has a 4-leaf clover over his head too.]

Bunny: Please not the Groundhog, please not the groundhog...

MiM: [shapes the light above the crystal into a humanoid figure]

North: ... Jack Frost.

Tooth's Fairies: [Swoon]

Bunny: Uh, I take it back. The Groundhog's fine.

Tooth: Well a-as long he helps to, uh, to protect the children, right?

Bunny: Jack Frost!? He- He doesn't care about children! A'ight, all he does is freeze water pipes and mess with my egg hunts! Alright? He's an irresponsible, selfish-

North: Guardian.

Bunny: Jack Frost is many things, but he is not a Guardian.

Snow Day

[Russia. Jack starts across from some children at a street, but then only his creeping frost is visible, and he chuckles.]

[People are gasping as the frost makes its way near them.]

Jack: Oh! Now that, that was fun. Hey wind! [The wind gets louder.] Take me home!

Jack: [Gets blown away and shouts in amusement all the while. He descends to the new town - Burgess, Pennsylvania.] Snow day! [He laughs some more as he skates around the lake where he awakened.]

Jamie: [Drops his book]

Jack: [Looks at the book] Huh, that looks interesting. Good book?

Caleb: All right! Yeah! Whoo hoo!

Claude: Snow Day!

Jack: [Chuckles] You're welcome!

Jamie: Guys, wait up! Are you guys coming to the egg hunt Sunday?

Caleb: Yeah! Free candy!

Claude: I hope we can find the eggs with all this snow!

Kids: [shouting in mock worry]

Jamie: It says here that they found Big Foot hair samples and DNA! In Michigan! That's like super-close!

Jack: [Lands on the fence thanks to the wind.]

Claude: Here we go again.

Jamie: You saw that video too, Claude! He's out there!

Caleb: That's what you said about aliens.

Claude: And the Easter Bunny.

Jamie: Wow, the Easter Bunny is real.

Jack: Oh he's real, alright. Real annoying, real grumpy, and really full of himself.

Claude: Come on, you guys believe anything.

Sophie: Easter Bunny! Hop hop hop! [Trips] Ah!

Jamie: Mom! Sophie fell again.

Sophie: [starts crying]

Mrs. Bennett: You okay Soph?

Claude: --sledding or what?

Mrs. Bennett: Jamie? Hat?

Jamie: Hah?

Mrs. Bennett: [Puts a warm weather beanie on his head.] You don't want Jack Frost nipping at your nose!

Jamie: Who's Jack Frost?

Mrs. Bennett: No one, honey, it's just an expression.

Jack: Hey!

Kids: [Laugh as they wander off to play]

Jack: Who's Jack Frost? [He blows on a snowball, then throws it at the back of Jamie's head.]

Jamie: Uh! [Eyes twinkle and he laughs] Okay! Who threw that?

Jack: Well, it wasn't Big Foot, kiddo.

Jamie: [Laughs and picks up a snowball too and throws it at his friends.]

Pippa: Jamie Bennett! No fair!

Jamie: You struck first!

[Kids start throwing at each other]

Jack: Free for all! [Starts skating around them, staff to the ground.] Alright, who needs ammo? [More enchanted snowballs appear.]

[Kids laughing]

Cupcake: [Growls angrily as she turns around]

Pippa: Run. I hit Cupcake!

Monty: She hit Cupcake.

Claude: You hit Cupcake?

Cupcake: [Grunts as she's hit again.]

Caleb: Did you throw that?

Claude: No.

Pippa: It wasn't me!

[Jack smiles atop his staff, perched between all of the kids to make it look like it came from their direction.]

Cupcake: [starts laughing as her eyes sparkle with mischief, then they all run around]

Jack: Little slippery! [He creates an ice run in front of Jamie, who falls forward onto his sled.]

Kids: Jamie!

Jamie: Woah!

Pippa: That's the street!

Jamie: Woah!

Jack: Woah! Don't worry, kid, I gotcha. Hold on! It's gonna be alright!

Jamie: [shouting]

Jack: Keep up with me, kid! Take a left!

Pedestrian: Hey, slow down!

Jamie: Oh no no no no no!

Pedestrian Lady: Is that Jamie Bennett?

Pedestrian: Hey watch it!

Jack: There you go!

Jamie: No no!

Jack: Whoo hoo...

Jamie: No no!

[Street cacophony]

Jack: [laughs] [Car horn] Woah!

Jamie: Wooooah! [He careens up a ramp Jack has made and lands in front of a statue.]

Pippa: Oh my gosh...

Jack: Yeah ha hah!

Kids: Jamie- Jamie, are you alright?

Jamie: [Pops up] Woah ho ho! Did you guys see that? It was amazing! I slid- I did a jump! And- and I slid under- [Couch slides into him and knocks him over]

[Kids gasp]

Jack: Whoops.

[Kids gasp again]

Jamie: Cool, a tooth!

Claude: Dude! That means cash!

Jamie: Tooth Fairy-

Jack: Ah no...

[Kids chattering]

Jack: No...

Jamie: I gotta put this under my pillow!

Jack: Oh wait a minute, come on- Hold on, hold on! What about all the fun we just had? That wasn't the Tooth Fairy, that was me! [Kids pass through him.] 'S a guy gotta do to get a little attention around here?

[Jack flies off while pedestrians remark on the weather.]

Burgess Dreams and Nightmares

[Inside Jamie's house.]

Jamie: And it was awesome! Then I was flying down and this hill! And it was like whoosh whoosh whoosh - cars! - and then the sled hit this- this thing and it was like way up in the air and then bam! The sofa hit me-

Sophie: Wow...

Jamie: And- and see? My tooth came out!

[Sophie giggles]

Mrs. Bennett: Alright you, tooth under your pillow?

Jamie: Yeah. I'm ready. [Clicks on a flashlight]

Mrs. Bennett: Now don't stay up trying to see her, Jamie, or she won't come.

Jamie: But I can do it this time! You wanna help me, Soph?

Sophie: Huh!

Jamie: We can hide and see the Tooth Fairy!

Sophie: Hide hide hide hide hide!

Mrs. Bennett: Uh uh! Straight to bed now.

Jamie: [Groans] Mom...

[Sophie coos as she and Mrs. Bennett leave his room]

[Jack was watching upside down from Jamie's roof at his window, but gets up and walks around the roof.]

Jack: [Looks up at MiM] If there's something I'm doing wrong, could you just tell me what it is? Because I've tried... everything! And... no one ever sees me! ... You put me here! The least you can do is tell me- tell me why...

[No answer from the Moon, so Jack leaves to walk on a telephone line. Sandman's sand starts to creep through the sky]

Jack: Hah. Right on time, Sandman. [He chuckles as he puts his hand through a spiral, which becomes a dolphin.]

[Sand creeps everywhere, bringing good dreams. At Cupcake's, she's riding a unicorn.]

Pitch: [Sinister laughter.] Oh, I thought I heard the clippety-clop of a unicorn! What an adorable dream! And look at her- oh! Precious child... so sweet, so full of hope and wonder. Why, there's only one thing missing: a touch of Fear! [He dances his first two fingers in the air like a walk, then touches the unicorn, which starts to turn black. He chuckles as Cupcake moans] That never gets old. Feed your fear, come on. [The unicorn curls in on itself to wrap around Pitch as black sand spindles.] Come on, that's right. Yes... [It shifts into a dark horse] What a pretty little Nightmare! [It neighs angrily.]

Pitch: Now... I want you to go tell the others: the wait is over!

[Nightmare whinnies and gallops off through the sky. Dogs bark and howl.]

Pitch: [Looks up at MiM] Don't look at me like that, old friend. You must have known this day would come. My Nightmares are finally ready - are your Guardians?

Jack and the Guardians

[Jack on the rooftops notices sometime pass him by at lightning speed]

Jack: Woah! Hah! [He pursues, breathing heavily and landing on cars and buildings and poles. He lands in an alleyway to the sound of dogs barking.]

Bunny: Hello, mate. [Spins his boomerang in his hand.]

Jack: Uh! [Shocked]

Bunny: Been a long time. [Steps from the shadows] Blizzard of '68, I believe. Easter Sunday, wasn't it?

Jack: Bunny! You're not still mad about that - are ya?

Bunny: Yes. But this is about something else. Fellas?

Jack: Hey!

Yetis: [Shout loudly as they grab him]

Jack: Put me down! What the- ugh! [Struggles as the yetis put him in a bag]

Yeti: [Speaks into a glass orb, then throws it at thin air. It summons a portal that has the North Pole Workshop on the other side. They indicate asking if Bunny is coming with them.]

Bunny: Me? Hehehe... Not on your nelly. See ya back at the Pole. [He stamps the ground, making a hole appear, which he falls into.]

Yetis: [Toss Jack in the sack through, then follow, and the portal closes behind them.]

[At the workshop]

North: He's here! Quiet! [Shushes Tooth, but it doesn't work.] Hey...! There he is! Jack Frost!

Jack: Wow... You gotta be kidding me. [Yetis hoist him up to stand] Hey hey! Put me down!

North: I hope the Yetis treated you well?

Jack: Oh yeah, I love being shoved in a sack and tossed through a magic portal.

North: Oh. Good! That was my idea. You know Bunny, obviously.

Bunny: [Murmurs]

Jack: Obviously.

North: And the Tooth Fairy-

Tooth: Hello Jack! I've heard a lot about you, and your teeth!

Jack: My- my what?

Tooth: Open up! Are they really as white as they say? Yes- Oh! Oh they really do sparkle like freshly fallen snow. [Tooth Fairies swoon again.] Girls, pull yourself together. Let's not disgrace the uniform.

North: And Sandman. Sandy? Sandy? [Nudges him as he sleep-hovers.] Wake up! [Sandman startles awake and descends to the floor.]

Jack: Hey! Woah! Anyone wanna tell me why I'm here?

Sandman: [Starts symbol-speaking over his head.]

Jack: Uh, eh- the- that's not really helping, but- but thanks little man.

Jack: [Taps an elf with his staff to make it freeze] I must've done something really bad to get you four together- Wha-? Am I on the Naughty List?

North: Hah! On Naughty List? You hold record. But! No matter, we overlook. Now we are wiping clean the slate.

Jack: How come?

Bunny: Hah, good question.

North: How come? I tell you how come! Because now, you are Guardian!

Yetis: [Raise up lit poi sticks]

Elves: [Play a jubilant song on trumpets and drums]

North: [Chuckling]

Jack: [Freaking out a little as two Tooth Fairies bring Jack a snowflake-necklace, possibly cut out of paper.]

North: This is the best part! [Festivities continue. Elves march around. The yetis with poi sticks walk closer to Jack, then behind him. They prop him up on his spot in the middle of the Guardian symbol. Jack is confused as two elves want him to put on a pair of shoes. North is still delighted as the yetis present him with a book. The Tooth Fairies twitter, Sandy toasts Jack with eggnog, and Bunny rolls his eyes.]

Jack: [Upset, slams his staff down and freezes all of the performers] What makes you think I wanna be a Guardian?

North: [Laughing loudly.]

Bunny: [Laughs nervously along, then becomes serious again.]

North: Of course you do. Music! [He snaps his fingers and the elves start up again.]

Jack: No music!

[Music quickly dies again. Elf with trumpet uses the trumpet to smack his comrade with the sousaphone]

Jack: This is all very flattering, but, uh... You don't want me. You're all hard work and deadlines. And I'm... snowballs and fun times. I'm not a Guardian.

Bunny: Hah! That's exactly what I said!

Tooth: Jack, I don't think you understand what it is we do. [Tooth indicates the Globe.] Each of those lights is a child-

North: A child who believes. And good or bad, Naughty or Nice, we protect them.

Jack: Ah- ah-

North: Tooth, fingers out of mouth.

Tooth: Oh, sorry! Heh, they're beautiful!

North: Okay no more wishy washy, Pitch is out there doing who knows what!

Jack: You mean th-the Boogey Man?

North: Yes! When Pitch threatens us, he threatens them as well!

Jack: All the more reason to pick someone more qualified!

North: Pick? You think we pick?! No! You were chosen! Like we were all chosen! By Man in Moon.

Jack: What?

Tooth: Last night, Jack, he chose you.

Bunny: Maybe.

Jack: Man in the Moon, he, uh… he talks to you?

North: You see, you cannot say no. It is Destiny.

Jack: W-Why, why wouldn't he tell me that himself? [Groans.] After 300 years, this is his answer? To spend eternity like you guys, cooped up in some- some hideout, thinking of- of new ways to bribe kids? No, no, that's not for me! No offense.

Bunny: How- how- How is that not offensive? You know what I think, I- I think we just dodged a bullet. I mean what's this clown know about bringing joy to children anyway?

Jack: Uh, you ever hear of a snow day? I know it's no... hardboiled egg, but kids like what I do.

Bunny: But none of 'em believe in ya. Do they? Y'see, you're invisible, mate - it's like you don't even exist.

Tooth: [Gasp] Bunny! Enough.

Jack: No, the kangaroo's right.

Bunny: The- the what? What'd you call me? I'm not a kangaroo, mate.

Jack: Oh! And this whole time I thought you were. If you're not a kangaroo, what are you?

Bunny: I'm a bunny. The Easter Bunny. People believe in me.


Sandman: [Blows out his cheeks, then gestures to North to do something.]

North: Jack, walk with me.

Find Your Center

[They ride down an elevator into the heart of the workshop.]

Jack: Nothing personal, North, what you all do, it's just- it's not my thing.

North: Man in Moon says it is your thing. You will see.

Jack: Slow down, would ya? I've been trying to bust in here for years. I want a good look.

North: What do you mean, bust in?

Jack: Woo! Don't worry! Never got past the Yetis. [One Yeti beats his fists together.] Oh hey Phil.

North: Keep up, Jack! Keep up!

[Cacophony of toy-making noise.]

Jack: Woah! I always thought the elves made the toys.

North: We just let them believe that.

[Elves experimenting with Christmas lights]

North: Very nice. Keep up good work! [Passes by a yeti working on blue toy robots.] I don't like it, paint it red.

[Yeti gasps in frustration, turns to a whole shelf full of the blue robots, and slams his head on the table]

North: Pick it up everybody! [The two men enter North's personal workshop room.] Fruitcake?

Jack: Uh, no... thanks.

North: Now we get down to tacks of brass. [Cracks his knuckles.]

Jack: Tacks of-

[The door shuts and locks.]

North: Who are you, Jack Frost? What is your center?

Jack: My center?

North: If Man in Moon chose you to be a Guardian, you must have something very special inside. Hmm... [He picks up a Russian Nesting doll that resembles himself.] Here, this is how you see me, no? Very big, intimidating... But if you get to know me a little... Well, go on.

Jack: [Takes off the first doll layer.] You are... downright jolly?

North: Ah! But not just jolly. I am also mysterious, and fearless, and caring, and at my center...

Jack: There's a tiny wooden baby.

North: Look closer. What do you see?

Jack: A-ah... Ya have big eyes.

North: Yes! Big eyes, very big, because they are full of wonder. That is my center. It is what I was born with: eyes that have always seen the wonder in everything! Eyes that see lights in the trees, and magic in the air - this wonder is what I put into the world! And what I protect in children. It is what makes me a Guardian. It is my center. What is yours?

Jack: I don't know.

[Tooth and her fairies fly outside of the nearby window]

[Bunny and Sandy come running up]

Bunny: We have a problem, mate. Trouble at the Tooth Palace.

Fasten Your Seatbelts

[North Pole Stables]

North: Boys! [Clap clap] [Starts talking over Jack] Ship shape, as soon as you can.

Jack: North, I told you! I'm not going with you guys! There is no way I am climbing into some rickety old... sleigh...

[Sleigh and reindeer appear, with Yetis and Elves still making adjustments.]

Jack: Okay. One ride, but that's it.

North: Everyone loves the sleigh! ... Bunny! What are you waiting for?

Bunny: I think my tunnels might be faster, mate [he kicks the side of sled gently with the pad of a hind leg] and, uhm, and safer.

North: Ack! Get in. [Yanks Bunny by his scruff.] Buckle up!

Bunny: Woah woah! Where're the bloody seatbelts?

North: Hah! That was just expression. Are we ready?

Yeti: [Protests to the negative]

North: Let's go! [Cracks the reins]

[Bunny starts howling in fear while Jack chuckles in delight]

North: Out of the way!

[Bunny still shrieking while North laughs]

North: I hope you like the loop-de-loops!

Bunny: I hope you like carrots.

Sandman: [Raises his arms like on a roller-coaster]

[Jack cheers as they race off the ramp and into the air, mostly stable now]

North: Let's go!

Jack: [Enthusiastically laughing while Bunny moans] Hey Bunny, check out this view- Woah! [He gets blown off the sleigh]

Bunny: [Worrying] Oh! Oh- North! He's, he- huhuh... [Looks over the side of the sleigh]

Jack: [Sitting on the runners and looking smug] Aww, you do care.

Bunny: [Flustered] Oh, rack off, ya bloody showpony!

North: Hold on everyone, I know a shortcut!

Bunny: Oh! Oh strewth! I knew we should have taken the tunnels!

North: I say... [He turns the snow globe around and speaks at it.] Tooth Palace.

[A portal appears and the sleigh drives through it]

North: Hyah!

Trouble at the Tooth Palace

North: ... What?

[Nightmares screech all around the sleigh. Guardians gasp in shock. Sandman blocks some sand with a sand-umbrella.]

Jack: Woah! [Ducks, then turns to look at them] They're taking the tooth fairies! [He jumps up to attack a Nightmare that hasn't devoured a fairy yet, then cradles the fairy to him as he falls back into the sleigh.] Hey little Baby Tooth, you okay?

Baby Tooth: [chitters affirmatively]

[The sleigh descends through the Tooth Palace in pursuit of Pitch, a Nightmare, or Tooth, or anything, but it's empty until they spot a Nightmare.]

North: Here, take over!

Jack: Huh? ... [North pulls out his swords as he stands at the head of the sleigh] Hyah!

[North attacks a Nightmare, which breaks apart into black sand in the sleigh. Tooth boxes rattle to the floor.]

Bunny: They're stealing the teeth!

[Sandman is confused by the sand that the Nightmares are made out of.]

North: Jack, look out!

[Jack lands the sleigh roughly, where the Tooth Fairy is panicking.]

Tooth: [Gasping, panicked]

North: Tooth! Are you alright?

Tooth: [She sighs in disbelief and hurt] They- they took my fairies, and the teeth, all of them. Everything is gone. Everything...

[Baby Tooth reappears and flies to the Tooth Fairy]

Tooth: Ah! Oh thank goodness, one of you is alright.

Pitch: I have to say... this is very, very exciting. The Big Four, all in one place. I'm a little starstruck. Did you like my show on the globe, North? Gotcha all together, didn't I?

North: Argh!

Tooth: Pitch! You have got 30 seconds to return my fairies--

Pitch: Or what? You'll stick a quarter under my pillow?

North: Why are you doing this?

Pitch: Maybe, I want what you have. To be believed in! Maybe I'm tired of hiding under beds!

Bunny: Maybe that's where you belong!

Pitch: [From the underside of the spire level the Guardians are standing on] Tah! Go suck an egg, rabbit.

Bunny: Rrh! [Reaches down to hit Pitch]

Pitch: Hang on. Is that... Jack Frost? Heh, hehehe. Since when are you all so chummy?

Jack: We're not.

Pitch: Oh good, a neutral party. Then I'm going to ignore you, but you must be used to that by now.

Bunny: Pitch! Shut up you shadow-sneaking ratbag! Come 'ere! [Attacks, but Pitch moves]

[Tooth grabs one of Bunny's boomerangs and attacks at Pitch's new location, shouting, but a Nightmare appears and screeches at her]

Pitch: Whoa ho ho ho, hey! Easy girl, easy. Hehe. Look familiar, Sandman? Took me awhile to perfect this little trick: turning dreams into nightmares. Don't be nervous; it only riles them up more. They smell fear, you know.

Bunny: What fear? Of you? [Laughs as Tooth returns his boomerang] No one's been afraid of you since the Dark Ages!

Pitch: Oh, the Dark Ages! Everyone frightened, miserable, such happy times for me - oh the power I wielded! But then the Man in the Moon chose you to replace my fear with your wonder and light. Lifting their hearts and giving them hope. Meanwhile everyone wrote me off as just a bad dream. Oh there's nothing to be afraid of! There's no such thing as The Boogeyman! Well that's all about to change. Hehe. Oh look, it's happening already.

Jack: What is?

Tooth: Oh...

Pitch: Children are waking up [Sounds of children in the background] and realizing the Tooth Fairy never came. It's such a little thing, but to a child-

Jack: What's going on?

Tooth: They... They don't believe in me anymore.

Pitch: Didn't they tell you, Jack? It's great being a Guardian! But there's a catch. If enough kids stop believing, everything your friends protect - wonder, hopes, and dreams - it all goes away. And little by little, so do they. Hehehehe. No Christmas, or Easter, or little fairies that come in the night. There will be nothing but fear, and darkness... and me. It's your turn not to be believed in!

Bunny: Tchyah! [Throws his boomerang at Pitch]

[Nightmare whinnies and Pitch rides off with the Guardians chasing him in a freefall.]

Bunny: Tchyeah! [Throws egg bombs at Pitch, but they explode in the air too far from him.]

[The Guardians land in Tooth's Lagoon]

North: He's gone.

Bunny: [In the background to North] Okay, alright, I admit it. You were right about Pitch.

North: This is one time-

Jack: I'm sorry about the fairies.

North: -- He will pay.

Tooth: You should've seen them. They put up such a fight.

[Baby Tooth twitters nearby.]

Jack: Why would Pitch take the teeth?

Tooth: It's not the teeth he wanted, it's the memories inside them.

Jack: Whaddo you mean?

Tooth: That's why we collect the teeth, Jack. They hold the most important memories of childhood.

[Jack and Tooth move toward the Lagoon wall, Jack walking on iced-over patches he creates and Tooth flying.]

Tooth: My fairies and I watch over them. And when someone needs to remember what's important, we help them. We had everyone's here. Yours too.

Jack: I- My memories?

Tooth: From when you were young. Before you became Jack Frost.

Jack: But, I- I wasn't anyone before I was Jack Frost.

Tooth: Well of course you were. We were all someone before we were chosen.

Jack: What?

North: You should have seen Bunny!

Bunny: Hey I told you to never mention that!

Jack: The night at the pond, I just...Why I assumed... Are you saying, are you saying I had a life? Before that, w- I- With a, with a home? And- and a family?

Tooth: You really don't remember?

Jack: All these years the answers were right here... If I find my memories, then I'll know why I'm here. Ya have to show me!

Tooth: I- I can't, Jack. Pitch has them.

Jack: Then we have to get them back!

Tooth: [Gasps] Oh no... [Her feathers are moulting.] The children... We're too late.

North: No! No! No such thing as too late! [He hums with his mouth shut as he thinks] Wait, wait, wait wait wait wait wait! ... [He points one cutlass at Bunny, who flinches backwards.] Idea! Hah! [Gestures with the other sword between Bunny and Sandman] We! Will collect the teeth!

Tooth: What?

North: We get teeth, children keep believing in you.

Tooth: We're talking 7 continents, millions of kids!

North: Give me break, you know how many toys I deliver in one night?

Bunny: And eggs I hide in one day?

North: And Jack, if you help us, we will get you your memories.

Tooth: [Excited laugh]

Bunny: [Grumbles]

Jack: I'm in!

The Tooth Race


North: Hahahaha! [Running over rooftops] Quickly, quickly!

Jack: Hop to it, Rabbit! I'm five teeth ahead!

Bunny: Yeah right! Look, I'd tell ya to stay out of my way, but really what's the point? Cuz you ain't be able to keep up anyway!

Jack: Is that a challenge, Cottontail?

Bunny: Ooh, you don't wanna race a rabbit, mate.

Jack: Woah!

North: Is it a race? Is it a race? This is going to be epic!

Tooth: 4 bicuspids over there! An incisor two blocks east! Is that a molar? They're everywhere! [Slams into a giant sign] Ugh!

Jack: You okay?

Tooth: I'm fine! Sorry, it's been a really long time since I've been out in the field.

Jack: How long is a long time?

Tooth: 440 years, give or take? [Gasps, then giggles and takes off]

Jack: [smirks & goes for a window, but Bunny is already there]

Bunny: [chuckles]

Jack: [Frowning, shoots ice at Bunny so he shouts]

North: Twins! [Exclamation of excitement: Chupa!]

Bunny: Oh, jackpot! [Stares at the hockey equipment in the room] Looks like you're a bit of a brumby, eh mate?

North: [Laughing] Is piece of pie- woah! [Falls into Bunny's underground hole as he was trying to come up]

Bunny: Ow! [They both struggle as Sandman takes it instead]

North: Dedededede! That's my tooth! Sandy! Sandy!

Bunny: [Jumping down from room with bag in tow, laughing]

Tooth: [Goes for a tooth under a pillow, but pulls out a mouse instead.]

Baby Tooth: [Pins it to the wall and starts beating it up]

Tooth: [Gasps] Woah woah woah! Take it easy there, champ! He's one of us! Part of the European Division. Ça va?

Mouse: [Squeaks angrily while the French National Anthem (La Marseillaise) plays]

Bunny: [Looks for a tooth, finds an arrow on a piece of paper. He turns, and North is smiling and dashing off to the next house]

Bunny: [Has a new tooth, but slips on an icy roof]

Jack: [Snatches the tooth out of Bunny's paws] Yes! [Sandman takes it from above him on his sand cloud] No!

North: [Dances across the rooftops, then ducks into a chimney] Hah!

Bunny: Haha. [At the fireplace, lighting the wood] Ho ho ho.

North: [Explosion] Ah!

[All gather near the Brooklyn Bridge, hoisting their bags up for Tooth to see]

Tooth: Wow! You guys collect teeth and leave gifts as fast as my fairies!

[The boys look confused.]

Tooth: You guys have been leaving gifts, right?

[Sandman nods happily, then shakes his head no.]

[The rest of them look pained. They go to a laundromat and are collecting quarters. North yawns.]

[They start leaving quarters and other coins. North leaves candy canes. Bunny leaves Easter eggs. Sandman is about to leave a coin but North has set up a whole lit Christmas tree. He laughs while Sandy throws his coin over his shoulder, angry.]

[They all go dashing by a window as a young child gawks at them. Back at the Brooklyn Bridge, they go through another portal while in North's sleigh.]

[A nightmare was watching and reports back to Pitch.]

[Pitch's Lair]

Pitch: The lights! Why aren't they going out? [Nightmare whinnies] They're collecting the teeth? [Fairies chitter and flap their wings in their cages] Ooh, pipe down or I'll stuff a pillow with you!

[He growls at the Nightmare, which dissipates into sand.]

Pitch: Fine, have your last hurrah. For tomorrow, all your pathetic scrambling will be for nothing. [He crushes a tiny version of Sandman made from the black sand.]

[Jamie's House]

Tooth: Left central incisor, knocked out in a freak sledding accident. I wonder how that could have happened, Jack?

Jack: Hehehe, kids, huh?

Tooth: [spins a coin and slips it under the pillow, then hovers over Jamie.] This was always the part I liked most - seeing the kids. [Crosses her arms] Why did I ever stop doing this?

Jack: Hm. Looks a little different up close, huh?

Tooth: Thanks for being here, Jack. I wish I'd known about your memory. I coulda' helped you.

Jack: Yeah, well, look let's just get you taken care of, then it's Pitch's turn.

North: [Squeezing in through the window] Here you are! [Groans as he finally gets into the room, Sandman in tow]

Tooth: Ssh! [Points at Jamie]

North: [Whispering now] Oh! What gives, slowpokes? How you feeling, Toothy?

Tooth: Believed in.

North: Hah! That's what I want to hear.

Bunny: [Coming up from a hole] Oh, I see how it is. All working together to make sure the rabbit gets last place.

Tooth & North: Ssh!

Jack: Uh, you think I need help to beat a bunny? [Pulls out his bag] Check it out, Peter Cottontail!

Bunny: You call that a bag'a choppers? [Pulls out his bag] Now that's a bag'a choppers.

North: Gentlemen, gentlemen, this is about Tooth, it's not a competition - but if it was, I win! YEE-HA!! [Dances around]

[Light clicks on in their faces]

North: Oh no.

Jamie: [Gasps] Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Sandman, the Tooth Fairy! I knew you'd come!

Tooth: Surprise! We came! [Chuckles]

Jack: He can see us?

Bunny: Most of us.

[Jamie tries to shine the light where Bunny is looking, but it doesn't illuminate Jack.]

Tooth: Ssh, you guys! He's still awake!

Bunny: Sandy, knock 'im out!

[Sandman pounds his fists together.]

[Jamie looks confused]

Bunny: With the dream sand, ya' gumbies!

[Greyhound growls at Bunny]

Jamie: No stop, that's the Easter Bunny! What're you doing, Abby? Down!

Bunny: Alright, nobody panic.

Jack: But that's a, uhm, that's a greyhound. Do you know what greyhounds do to rabbits?

Bunny: Well I think it's a pretty safe bet he's never met a rabbit like me. [Sandy preps a ball of Dream-sand.] Six-foot-one, nerves of steel, Master of Tai Chi, and-

Jack: [Hits Jamie's alarm clock with his staff, startling Abby the Greyhound.]

Bunny: Crikee! Ahh! [He takes off, bouncing around the room.]

Jamie: Stop! Wait! Slow down!

Bunny: [He knocks Sandy off-balance, then laughs nervously.] Woah ho ho! Sand-

North: Sandy! [Shouts while Abby and Bunny run past him.]

[Sandman launches the ball, but it hits Tooth]

Bunny: This thing's rabid! Get this dingo off me! [The ball then hits Bunny, who falls over, next Abby, and lastly North.]

North: Candy canes... [He falls on Jamie's bed to send Jamie bouncing into the air.]

[Sandman catches Jamie, then jerks his head forward to dust some Dream-sand from his hair onto Jamie, who falls asleep.]

Jack: Whoops. [He starts chuckling] Oh I really wish I had a camera right now. [Sandy gives him a sidelong glance.]

[Nightmare brays from the window]

Jack: [Jumps onto the windowsill, then outside in pursuit of the Nightmare] Sandy, come on! We can find Pitch!

[Sandy cautiously steps over his sleeping comrades, then decides to follow Jack.]

[Sophie wanders into the room after Jack and Sandy have left.]

Sophie: [Gasps excitedly, then giggles.] Pretty! [She shakes North's snow-globe while looking at Bunny, asleep on the floor.] Bunny! Hop hop hop! Ooh!

[Sophie trips over Abby, so the snow-globe turns into a portal into Bunny's Warren. Sophie walks through.]

North: [Startles awake] Wha! Huh?

The Nightmare Confrontation

[The streets of Burgess]

[Jack and Sandman are flying after the Nightmare. Jack shouts excitedly.] Yes! Whoo-hoo-hoo! Whoo!

[Sandman mounts one of the nightmares and transforms it back into his own Dream-sand, as a Manta-ray.]

Jack: [Bounds after one, then freezes it to a rooftop from the alley below.] I got it! [He jumps onto the roof] Sandy! Sandy, did you see that? Hehehe! Look at this thing!

Pitch: Frost? [Darts out of the way of Jack shoot him with ice] You know, for a neutral party, you spend an awful lot of time with those weirdoes. This isn't your fight, Jack.

Jack: You made it my fight when you stole those teeth!

Pitch: Teeth? Why do you care about the teeth? [He notices Sandman standing near him, looking cross, and jumps away with a start, then a nervous laugh.] Now this is who I'm looking for.

[Sandman breaks out his weapon - whips made of his sand. Pitch dodges the whips and brings out his giant scythe too. Sandman catches Pitch's handle and jerks him into the air, then down into the street below. Pitch bounces off a car roof.]

Jack: Remind me not to get on your bad side. [They both descend through the air to street level.]

Pitch: Okay, easy! You can't blame me for trying, Sandy! You don't know what it's like to be weak, and hated! It was stupid of me, to mess with your dreams. So, I'll tell you what. You can have 'em back.

[Nightmares surround Jack and Sandman]

Jack: You... take the ones on the left, I'll take the ones on the right?

[Nightmares bray angrily. Beat of silence.]

Pitch: Boo! [The Nightmares start to attack.]

[Jack and Sandman start to fight them, but North's sleigh passes overhead, crashing into things. Apparently, North, Tooth, and Bunny keep dozing off due to the Dream-sand. After another scrape on the top of a building, they all startle awake again.]

[Sandy uses his sand to burst into the air like a water-spout, dragging Jack with him, then tosses Jack away - ostensibly to protect him.]

[Jack knocks a few Nightmares away, but falls a little before Tooth picks him back up and goes spiraling through some Nightmares.]

[Pitch laughs as he directs the Nightmares]

[Bunny jumps off the sleigh, attacking during freefall, before landing on the street to slash through some Nightmares with a knife as well as throw his boomerang at them and bash them with his huge feet. Then, he jumps back into the air to latch onto the sleigh, driving it while North attacks with his swords from the front.]

[Two Nightmares come after Jack, so he just drops through the air and lets them run into each other. Another Nightmare attacks and he loses his staff, grasping for it during freefall before landing back on the sleigh.]

Bunny: You might wanna duck.

[Bunny's boomerang comes careening back through a Nightmare and he catches it out of thin air, grinning.]

[Sandy is all alone on his cloud, surrounded by a tornado of black sand that he keeps whipping to no avail.]

[North sits down on the sleigh again.]

Jack: We gotta help Sandy! [North drives the sleigh in that direction.]

[Pitch pulls the string of an invisible bow, using an arrow-head shaped out of black sand aimed at Sandy. It hits Sandy right between the shoulder-blades.]

Jack: Nooo! [Jack launches himself off the sleigh towards Sandman.]

[Pitch laughs menacingly while Sandman turns to face him.]

Pitch: Don't fight the fear, little man. [Laughs some more]

North: Hurry! Hurry!

Pitch: I'd say sweet dreams, but there aren't any left.

[Sandman stands up, closes his eyes, and the swirling black sand closes in on his glowing yellow light, snuffing it out.]

North: Sandy?

Jack: No... NOOO!! [Jack races towards Pitch, but halts in mid-air as he looks at the horde of Nightmares. They close in on him, but from where Jack is comes a bright blue light that pushes back against the Nightmares. Jack clutches the staff forward and a darting ice-light ripples through the Nightmares. They explode into black sand like fireworks over the city, knocking Pitch away with a scream.]

North: Jack! [Tooth catches him as he falls, setting him down in the sleigh]

Tooth: Jack, h-how did you do that?

Jack: I, I, I- I didn't know I could.

[On the ground]

[Pitch watches the sleigh disappear into a portal in the sky]

Pitch: [Laughs] Finally! Someone who knows how to have a little fun!

[The North Pole]

[Tooth places a glass lantern on the Guardian symbol, where Sandman's likeness is. She looks over at North, who shuts his eyes in grief. She looks over at Bunny, who offers her his paw. Then she offers her hand to North, who takes it.]

[All around the symbol are other lights; the Yetis stand by, as do the elves. They nod their heads, making the bells chime, creating a dirge for the Sandman. One yeti sniffs, and is comforted by another yeti.]

[Jack is not present. He's sitting off somewhere, hood up, by a window. He touches the pane and it starts to frost over, creating the same likeness of the Sandman as on the Guardian symbol. North approaches him.]

North: Are you all right?

Jack: I just, uh- I wish I could've done something.

North: Done something? Jack, you stood up to Pitch. You saved us.

Jack: But Sandy-

North: Would be proud of what you did. [Jack stands, taking his hood down] I don't know who you were in your past life, but in this life you are Guardian.

Jack: How can I know who I am, until I found out who I was?

North: You will. I feel it - in my belly.

[At the Globe, the lights are dimming]

Tooth: Look how fast they're going out!

Jack: It's fear. He's tipped the balance.

Bunny: Hey, buck up ya sad sacks! [Bunny hops onto the console] We can still turn this around! Easter is tomorrow, and I need your help! I say we pull out all the stops and we get those little lights flickering again!

[The four leave that room for the elevator]

North: Bunny is right! As much as it pains me to say, old friend, this time Easter is more important than Christmas!

Bunny: Hey! Did everyone hear that?! [Jack smiles knowingly at Bunny]

North: We must hurry to the Warren. Everyone, to the sleigh!

Bunny: Oh no, mate. My Warren, my rules. Buckle up. [He thumps the floor of the workshop and a massive hole appears, taking the other three Guardians, two elves, and two yetis.]

North: Shostakovich!

The Warren

[The group is sliding down Bunny's tunnel. Jack is surfing/skating, Tooth is hovering along with the pile, while Bunny is bounding ahead of everyone. The rest land in a heap at the bottom of the tunnel.]

North: Ah ha ha. Buckle up. Is very funny.

Bunny: Hehe. Welcome to the Warren. [He sits up alert, turning towards the first tunnel - his ears perk up, his nose twitches.] Something's up.

[A horde of Bunny's undecorated eggs come running out of the tunnel, so he gets into a battle-ready stance. Then everyone else does too. Bunny's Easter Island Sentinel Eggs spin their faces around to look mean.]

[Bunny starts screaming first as he rushes forward, followed by the others. Sophie comes running out of the tunnel from the inner Warren, screaming along with them until they all quiet down. She is holding some of the unpainted Easter eggs.]

Jack: Sophie?

[The Guardians laugh nervously as they put away their combat gear. Sophie coos.]

Bunny: What is she doing here?

North: [Pats himself down] Uhh... snowglobe. [Yetis murmur.]

Bunny: Crikee, somebody do something!

Jack: Well, don't look at me, I'm invisible, remember?

Sophie: Elf, elf.

Tooth: Don't worry, Bunny. I bet she's a ~Fairy Fan~! [Sophie gasps in excitement] It's okay, little one.

Sophie: Pretty!

Tooth: Ohh! You know what? I've got something ~for you~! Here it is! Look at all the ~pretty teeth~! ~With little blood and gum on them~!

Sophie: [Runs away sobbing]

Jack: [Chuckles] Blood and gums? [North shrugs] When was the last time you guys actually hung out with kids?

Sophie: [Chasing more unpainted eggs under an Easter Island rock] Peek-a-boo!

North: We are very busy bringing joy to children! We don't have time... [Sophie runs around laughing] for children.

[Buuny and Tooth look apprehensive at North's statement]

Jack: Hm. If one little kid can ruin Easter, then... we're in worse shape than I thought. [Jack makes one snowflake that floats on the wind.]

Sophie: Whee! [Sophie chases after the snowflake, which ends up on Bunny's nose.]

[Bunny's nose twitches, then he smiles with Jack's power's help.]

Sophie: Whee whee!

[The Inner Warren]

[Sophie and Bunny watch as a brand new white egg with feet emerges from a plant, walking and jumping around.]

Bunny: You wanna paint some eggs? Yeah?

Sophie: [Jumping around excitedly] Okay!

Bunny: Come on then.

[An army of little white eggs with feet start marching down a hill.]

North: Rimsky-Korsakov! That's a lot of eggs!

Jack: [Perching on top of his staff] Uh, how much time do we have?

[Sophie is riding on Bunny's back as they dart around the eggs]

Sophie: Whee!

Bunny: Hoo-ooh!

[Sounds of more flowers dusting the eggs with their undercoat colors]

Bunny: All right, troops, it's time to push back! [Sophie giggles as the eggs move her down the hill and North waves to her] That means eggs everywhere! Heaps of you in every high rise, farm house, and trail'r park! In tennis shoes and cereal bowls! Oh, there'll be bathtubs filled with my beautiful googies!

[An elf pushes an egg into the river of paint, then dances with a nyah-nyah face as his bell jingles. But more of the eggs push him in as well. The eggs are top-heavy, so their legs are kicking up in the air. North picks one up.]

North: Okay, that's little strange.

Bunny: No, mate. [He's cradling a half dozen of his painted googies.] That's adorable.

[The elf climbs out, delighted at how he's all painted up.]

Bunny: There will be Springtime! On every continent. [He hops onto one rock and lifts his arms into the air.] And I'm bringing Hope with me!

[The eggs slide through some plants with iridescent paint secreting from them, so that they have spirals and swirls on them too. The painted elf now has designs on him as well. One yeti is entertained.]

[The same yeti with the robots is painting eggs a rich red.]

Bunny: Too Christmas-y, mate. Paint 'em blue. [He passes by in a blur.]

[The yeti is exasperated and keels over. He has a whole stack painted red, same as with the robots.]

Bunny: [lands near the Dispatch area where Sophie is] Ooh, what's over there?

Sophie: [walks over and picks up one fully painted egg] Whoa ho ho! [She holds it up for Bunny to see]

Bunny: Oh oh oh! That's a beauty! Now all we gotta do is get him and his little mates through the tunnels, to the top, and we'll have ourselves Easter. [He holds her hand and leads her out to see all of the eggs heading into the tunnels, then sits on his haunches next to her.]

[Jack comes up to crouch beside the two of them on the Dispatch Hill. Sophie sleepily crawls into Bunny's arms.]

Jack: Not bad.

Bunny: [Sophie coos.] Not bad, yourself.

Jack: Ah, look, I- I'm sorry about the whole- you know, the "kangaroo" thing?

Bunny: It's the accent, isn't it?

[They both chuckle a little as North and Tooth show up.]

Bunny: Ah, poor little ankle-biter. Look at 'er, all tuckered out.

Tooth: I love her. [Baby Tooth chitters and Sophie coos] I think it's time to get her home.

Jack: How about I take her home?

Tooth: Jack, no, Pitch is out there--

Jack: No match for this. [He holds up his staff.]

Bunny: Which is why we need you here, with us.

Jack: Trust me, I'll be quick as a bunny. [He makes finger-walking motions too.]

The Fool's Errand

[Jack eases Sophie into her bed, but she has a tight hold around his neck. As he disentangles himself, she falls off the bed. Baby Tooth squeaks nervously.]

Jack: Ooh!

Mrs. Bennett: Sophie, is that you?

[They throw her blanket over her as she keeps sleeping, then throw a squeak toy down there too.]

Jack: [Closes the window] We should get back.

Jack's sister: [laughs] ~Jack~!

Jack: Tha- that voice, I know that voice.

Baby Tooth: [Chitters nervously at Jack as he listens some more]

Jack's sister: ~Jack~!

Jack: [He flies off to a rounded air vent on a roof, then gasps as she speaks again.]

Jack's sister: ~Jack~!

Jack: [Dashes off through the air towards his lake. He lands on the ground as Baby Tooth keeps squeaking.]

Girl: Jack?

Jack: [Spies an old rotted bedpost with no mattress and starts walking towards it, but Baby Tooth tries to hold him back.] Don't worry, ssh, there's still time. [She rolls her eyes]

[Jack walks towards the bed, then knocks some pieces away with his staff to see into the hole below the bed.]

Jack's sister: Jack?

[Then he leaps into the darkness.]

Baby Tooth: [Squeaking nervously the whole way down, then tugging on his hoodie]

Jack: Baby Tooth, Baby Tooth, come on! I have to find out what that is! [He flies into the open-air chasm, noticing all the cages. He flies to them and the other tooth fairies start chittering back.]

Jack: Ssh, keep it down! 'M gonna get you out of here just as soon as--

Jack's sister: Jack?

[Jack looks down and notices the piles of tooth boxes.]

Jack's sister: ~Jack~!

Jack: --As I can. [He drops down from the bird cages, despite Baby Tooth's flustered cries. He starts digging through the piles of boxes, looking at the children's faces on the ends. Then his head jerks up.]

Pitch: Looking for something?

[Jack fires an ice blast at where Pitch was, then chases him through dark corridors.]

Pitch: Hehehe... Don't be afraid, Jack.

[Jack sees him on a bridge.]

Pitch: I'm not gonna' hurt you.

Jack: [Slides onto an end of the bridge] Afraid? I'm not afraid of you.

Pitch: Maybe not. But you are afraid of something.

Jack: You think so, huh?

Pitch: I know so! It's the one thing I always know: people's greatest fears. Yours is that no one will ever believe in you. [His shadow overtakes Jack, who falls through the bridge and into another dark corridor.] Hehehe...

[Jack shouts as he lands hard on the cobblestone floor. He starts scrambling to get out.]

Pitch: And worst of all, you're afraid you'll never know why - why you? [Jack bounds off into the dark, only to find another wall, so he turns to face Pitch - frightened.] Why were you chosen? To be like this. Well fear not, for the answer to that… is right here. [Pitch holds out Jack's tooth-box.] Do you want them, Jack? Your memories.

[Jack reaches for the box, but pulls his hand back, so Pitch laughs as he vanishes again, leaving Jack to dart off through the bird cages.]

Pitch: [Forms his body shape out of Jack's shadow] Everything you wanted to know - in this little box. [He laughs some more as Jack chases him.] Why did you end up like this? Unseen, unable to reach out to anyone - you want the answers so badly. You want to grab them and fly off with them, but you're afraid of what the Guardians will think. You're afraid of disappointing them. Well let me ease your mind about one thing: they'll never accept you, not really--

Jack: [Groans as he clutches his head] Stop it, stop it!

Pitch: After all, you're not one of them. [He appears from the shadows again, backing Jack up against his dark globe of the Earth.]

Jack: You don't know what I am! [He points his staff at Pitch]

Pitch: 'Course I do! You're Jack Frost! You make a mess wherever you go - why you're doing it right now. [He tosses the box into Jack's hands]

Jack: What did you do?

Pitch: More to the point Jack, what did you do? [He cackles as he backs off into the darkness again]

[Jack chases him, and ends up on the other side of a stone wall. He tries to run back in, but there's no door.]

Jack: Baby Tooth!

Pitch: Happy Easter, Jack...

[Smashed colored eggs are strewn at his feet]

Jack: No...


[Canterbury, England]

Kids: There aren't any eggs... There's nothing here. I give up, come on. Let's go. He didn't come. I don't understand.

Girl: Maybe he just hid them really well this year.

Bunny: Kids, wait-- [runs up between the last two kids with a basket]

Boy: I checked everywhere. There's nothing.

Bunny: -- Yes there is! There is! I mean these aren't my best-lookin' googies, but they'll do in a pinch! [He holds them out to the two kids]

Girl: I can't believe it--

Bunny: I- I know. [Chuckles ruefully.]

Girl: --There's no such thing as the Easter Bunny.

Bunny: What? No!

Boy: Easter's over--

Bunny: Wrong! Not- not true! I'm- I'm right in front of ya', mate! [Boy passes through Bunny, and he starts gasping in despair] They don't see me... They don't see me... [He crumples over, crying softly]

[Jack appears on the scene, visibly concerned, and watches as Tooth approaches Bunny.]

North: Jack! Where were you? The Nightmares attacked the tunnels, they smashed every egg, crushed every basket - nothing made it to the surface!

Tooth: [flits over] Jack! [She notices the tooth box and gasps] Where did you get that?

Jack: I was- It's, uh--

Tooth: Where's Baby Tooth? [She gasps again, more horrified] Oh Jack, what have you done?

North: That is why you weren't here? You were with Pitch?

Jack: No, listen! Listen! [He sighs] I'm sorry! I didn't mean for this to happen!

Bunny: He has to go.

Jack: [turns to face Bunny] What?

Bunny: We should never have trusted you! [Bunny looks heartbroken, betrayed, then shakes his head] Easter is... new beginnings, new life. Easter's about Hope. And now it's gone. [He turns and shuffles away.]

[Jack turns around, but North and Tooth turn away from him. Jack pulls out the wooden baby from North's nesting doll and drops it in the grass.]

[Burgess, outside of Jamie's house]

[Jamie is trying to reach for an egg in the gutter of his rooftop, but he loses his balance on the ladder and only breaks his fall by clinging to the gutter as it's pulled off. He shouts as he crashes to the ground. Jamie looks up, but the 'egg' turns out to be a colorful tennis ball.]

Jamie: [Stands up] Let's check that park again!

Caleb: Really?

Claude: For what? The Easter Bunny?

Jamie: Guys, I told you! I saw him! He's way bigger than I thought! And he's got these cool boomerang things.

Caleb: Ugh, grow up Jamie…

Claude: Oh man, seriously?

[Jamie's friends stand around in a half-circle, looking incredibly downtrodden.]

Jamie: What's happened to you guys?

Caleb: It was a dream! You should be happy you still get dreams like that and not...

Cupcake: Nightmares. [The kids all turn away]

Pippa: Forget it, Jamie. There's just no Easter this year.

Jamie: He really is real! ... I know he is.

[The North Pole]

[Yetis watch as the lights start to flicker out.]

[The South Pole]

[Jack runs up the side of an ice cliff and is about to chuck his tooth-box into the ocean, but can't do it.]

Pitch: I thought this might happen. They never really believed in you. I was just trying to show you that. But I understand.

Jack: [reels on Pitch, blasting him with ice] You don't understand anything!

Pitch: No?! [They fight as Pitch shouts back] I do know what it's like to be cast out! [Jack screams back. Their clashing powers create a fog that Pitch disappears into briefly] To not be believed in! [Jack spins and sees him] To long for... a family.

[Jack lowers his staff]

Pitch: All those years in the shadows, I thought, 'No one else knows what this feels like.' But now I see I was wrong. We don't have to be alone, Jack. I believe in you - and I know children will too!

Jack: In me?

Pitch: Yes! Look at what we can do! [He gestures to a spiky creation of ice and black sand, made during their clash.] What goes together better than cold and dark? We can make them believe! We'll give them a world where everything, everything is-

Jack: Pitch Black?

Pitch: And Jack Frost too. They'll believe in both of us.

Jack: No, they'll fear both of us. And that's not what I want. Now for the last time, leave me alone. [He walks away from Pitch]

Pitch: Very well. You want to be left alone? Done! But first...

[Baby Tooth's squeaks make Jack turn around. Pitch holds her up in one hand.]

Jack: [Flies back towards Pitch while shouting] Baby Tooth! [He lowers the staff at Pitch again]

Pitch: The staff, Jack! You have a bad habit of interfering. Now hand it over, and I'll let her go.

[Baby Tooth shakes her head, but Jack lowers his staff, spins it, and hands it off to Pitch.]

Jack: Alright - [he holds out his hand] now let her go.

Pitch: [Smirking, then frowns.] No. [Jack is shocked, then furious.] You said you wanted to be alone. So be alone!

[Baby Tooth glares at Pitch, then stabs her beak into his hand.]

Pitch: Oh! [He throws her into a nearby crack in the ice.]

Jack: No! [He watches her fly away, then turns took at Pitch as he breaks the staff in half. Jack groans in visible pain.]

[Pitch slams Jack into the side of the ice with his black sand and lets Jack drop into the same crevice as Baby Tooth. Pitch laughs as he drops the broken staff into the fissure with them, and leaves.]

Jack: [Stirs and reaches for his little friend] Baby Tooth! You alright? [He covers her with his palm but she twitters at him, then sneezes. He sighs.] Sorry, all I can do is keep you cold. Pitch was right... I make a mess of everything. [Baby Tooth nestles inside his hoodie's front hand-pocket] Hey.

[Jack leans against the side of the fissure, frowning.]

Jack's sister: Jack? [A humming sound accompanies it this time.] Jack!

[Jack stumbles backwards in shock as his pocket starts glowing with a golden light. He pulls the tooth-box out of his pocket.]

Jack's sister: Jack!

[Jack looks at the box, then Baby Tooth. She puts her hand on it and nods at him. He touches the box and reality glistens away like the pieces of a kaleidoscope to reveal Jack's memory.]

[A heavily wooded area.]

[An adult woman, a small girl, and a lanky boy - all with brown hair - are walking around.]

Jack's mom: Come on Jack, you can't have fun all the time.

[The same lanky boy is hanging upside down from a tree branch while 3 children watch him - one is the same girl.]

Jack's sister: Jack, get down from there!

[By firelight, the lanky boy is performing buffoonery with two antlers on the side of his head.]

Colonial Boy: You're funny, Jack.

[The boy has a pair of ice-skates slung over his shoulder. He and the little girl are leaving a house.]

Jack's mom: Be careful.

[The boy turns, and it is definitely Jack.]

Jack: [Laughs] We will! [The girl laughs with him.]

[But the girl is now afraid.]

Jack: [Takes off his other ice skate and places it on the iced-over lake.] It's okay, it's okay! Don't look down, just look at me.

Jack's sister: Jack, I'm scared. [The ice is cracking underneath of her.]

Jack: I- I know, I know, but you're gonna be alright - you're not gonna fall in. Uh... We're gonna have a little fun instead!

Jack's sister: No we're not!

Jack: Would I trick you?

Jack's sister: Yes! You always play tricks!

Jack: Well, alright, well not- not- not this time. I promise, I promise you're gonna be- you're gonna be fine. Ya haft to believe in me.

[Jack's sister gulps]

Jack: You wanna play a game? We're gonna play hopscotch! Like we play every day! I- It's as easy as, uh, one - [Ice cracks a little] - woah! [He almost falls over, but doesn't, and she laughs.] Two! [She laughs again] Three! [He lands on a part that is not thin.]

Jack: Alright. [Jack reaches for a stick on the ice.] Now it's your turn. One- [She gasps because the ice is cracking.] That's it, that's it. [He holds out the stick near her as she gasps] Three!

[Jack grabs her by the knees using the crook in the stick and slides her around so that she is in the safe spot, but he has been flung into the cracking area. He sits up and smiles. She leans up on her arms, smiling too. He stands up, pleased, but his weight cracks the ice at last.]

Jack's sister: Jack!

[Jack sinks into the cold water, looking up at the moon. As he's drifting below the ice, his hair illuminates in the moonlight and remains white as he opens his eyes, the memory fading.]

[Jack gasps inside the fissure, still holding the tooth-box. Baby Tooth blinks at him.]

Jack: Did you see- Did you see that? [Baby Tooth shakes her head. Jack laughs as he picks her up and she chitters along with his excitement.] It- it was- it was me! I had a family! I had a sister! I saved her! [He laughs hysterically, then looks to the moon.] That's why you chose me... I'm- I'm a Guardian!

[Jack stands up, putting Baby Tooth in his hood.]

Jack: We have to get out of here. [He knee-slides over to his staff. He tries to fit the pieces back together, but nothing happens.] Ah! [He stands up and focuses this time, creating a blue light in the crack of the staff. The light grows brighter.]

[Jack comes flying out of the fissure with his staff whole, laughing and cheering.]

Jack: Whoo hoo hoo hoo! Come on, Baby Tooth, I owe you one!

[Inside Pitch's Lair]

[Jack flies from cage to cage, opening them.]

Jack: Come on, let's go! [The fairies respond plaintively] But what- what's wrong? [Not one has moved from their spot.] None of you can fly? [Baby Tooth indicates Pitch's globe.] The lights...

[At the North Pole.]

[The robot-making yeti has finished painting his robots red, but then the whole workshop starts shaking.]

Pitch: [Flies in as black sand, making a mess and cackling.] You're all free to go! We won't be needing any Christmas toys this year, thank you! Nor ever again.

[The yetis grumble.]

Jack: [Looking at Pitch's globe up close now.] They're all going out.

Pitch: Only six left - six precious children who still believe in the Guardians with all their hear-- Make that five! [He chuckles as he steps on one on top of the globe, then another.] Four~! [Another step.] Three~! [Another.] Two~! [He snaps his fingers.]

[Then twice more.]

Pitch: [glaring at the last light] One.

Jack: [hops up onto the globe, kneeling over the last light] Jamie!

The Last Light

[Jamie's room]

Jamie: [Talking to a stuffed rabbit] Okay, look, you and I are obviously at what they call a crossroads. So, here's what's gonna happen: [Jack appears outside of Jamie's window] if- if it wasn't a dream, and if you are real, then you have to prove it. Like, right now. [Jack crouches and listens.] I believed in you for a long time, okay? Like, my whole life in fact. So you kind of owe me now. You don't have to do much - just a little sign so I know. Anything. Anything at all. [Nothing happens, so his expressions falls.]

Jamie: I knew it. [He drops the rabbit off the bed]

[Jack looks saddened. He enters through the window. Jamie hears something and turns to the window. Frost appears on a lower windowpane, then a design is drawn out using an invisible finger - an egg with dots and squiggles decorating it. Jamie gasps in shock as he realizes what it is, looking down at his rabbit, then back to the window. In the next windowpane up, more frost appears]

Jamie: He's real...

[The new design is in the shape of a crouched rabbit.]

[Jack concentrates on the shape he's made and pulls the frost off the glass - into a 3D rabbit that hops around Jamie's room.]

Jamie: Woah! Hahaha! [He bounces on the bed and laughs some more. Jack watches and laughs along. Jamie touches the rabbit and it bursts into snow inside of his room.] Woah! [He laughs some more.] ... Snow? [A snowflake lands on Jamie's nose.] Jack Frost...

Jack: [spins to face Jamie's back] Did he just say--

Jamie: [stands back up on his bed] Jack Frost? [He starts looking around his room]

Jack: [gasps] He said it again! He said-- You said--

Jamie: [mouth agape, looking right at Jack] Jack Frost!

Jack: That's right! But- but that's me! Jack Frost! That's my name! You said my name! [Jamie is still gaping at him.] Wait, c- can you hear me? [Jamie nods.] Can- can you... can you see me? [Jack laughs in shock] He sees me! He- he sees me! [He does a back-flip in joy onto Jamie's table.]

Jamie: You just made it snow!

Jack: I know!

Jamie: In my room!

Jack: I know! [He bounds off the bed and back near the window.]

Jamie: You're real?

Jack: Yeah, man- Who do you think brings you all the blizzards, and- and the snow days? And you remember when you went flying on that sled the other day?

Jamie: That was you?!

Jack: That was me!!

Jamie: Cool! [He starts bouncing on the bed as he speaks]

Jack: Right?

Jamie: But what about the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy, like, I mean-

Jack: We- Real, real, real! Every one of us is real!

Jamie: I knew it!

Mrs. Bennett: Jamie! [Jamie stops bouncing.] Who're you talking to?

Jamie: Uhm... [Jack cocks his head at the door] Jack Frost?

Mrs. Bennett: [Laughs] Okay...

[Jamie and Jack laugh together, then the windows flutter open wider. North's sleigh is on a crash course with Jamie's street.]

North: [Tries to get his sleigh under control] Whoa whoa whoa! [It careens to a halt and the reindeer run off.] Ah, come back!

Tooth: North are you okay?

North: Is official. My powers are kaput! [The sleigh settles with a thud.]

Tooth: [Gasps] Look! [She jumps off the sleigh, but can't fly] Jack! [She stumbles to her feet.] Jack!

Jack: You okay?

Tooth: [Gingerly brushes her feathers back, looking a little embarrassed.]

North: [Using a sword as a crutch.] What are you doing here?

Jack: Same as you. [Jamie runs out of the house, sees the Guardians]

North: The last light!

Jamie: Wow! It is you! I mean, it is you! [Turns to Jack, laughing] I knew it wasn't a dream!

North: Jack, he sees you!

Jack: [Shoves Jamie on the shoulder in fondness] Wait- but- where's Bunny?

North: Losing Easter took its toll on all of us. Bunny most of all.

[A tiny grey & white rabbit jumps up on the edge of the sleigh.]

Jack: Oh no...

Jamie: [Laughs] That's the Easter Bunny?

Bunny: Now somebody sees me! Awh- where were you 'bout an hour ago, mate?

Jamie: What happened to him? He used to be huge, and cool, and now he's... cute.

Bunny: [thumps on the sleigh while being rubbed under the cheek] Oh, s' good! [Then gets a grip] Ahh! [Bats Jamie's hand away] Did you tell him to say that? [He bounds down to Jack, jumps up and hits his leg with both rear haunches, then hops on his back feet like he's going to box] That's it, let's go, me n' you! Come on!

Jamie: No, actually, he told me you were real! Just when I started to think that maybe you weren't.

Bunny: [rests on his haunches] He made you believe? In me? [Jamie nods. Bunny looks up at Jack, genuinely grateful. Jack smiles back.]

[Thunder and lightning crackle in the sky, startling all of the Guardians, notably Bunny. Pitch appears.]

Jack: Get Jamie out of here!

North: Be careful, Jack!

Jack: [flies up to meet Pitch]

Pitch: Jack Frost!? [He gathers all of his power.] Let's end this, shall we?! [Jack sends out his ice again.] That little trick doesn't work on me anymore! [He sends a blast of black sand at Jack, who falls to the city below. Pitch chuckles and pursues.]

Bunny: This way, this way! [He hops along, but stops] Ahhh, dead end! Other way, other way! [Tooth and Jamie start running, but North is hobbling.]

[Jack falls out of the sky.]

Jamie: Jack! [They all run back towards Jack, who is groaning.]

North: That was good try, Jack - A for effort.

Jack: He's stronger. I can't beat him.

[The storm crackles again. Pitch laughs.]

Pitch: All this fuss over one little boy and still he refuses to stop believing! Very well. There are other ways to snuff out a light.

Bunny: If you want him, you're gonna have to go through me!

Pitch: Oh, look how fluffy you are! [His shadow pokes at Bunny from the ground.] Would you like a scratch behind the ears?

Bunny: [Hops into North's hand] Don't you even think about it!

Pitch: I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see you all like this! [Pitch and the Nightmares come out of the shadows.] You look awful.

Jamie: Jack, I'm scared.

Jack: [crouches in front of Jamie, remembering his sister saying the same thing.] I- I know, I know, but you're gonna be alright. We're gonna have a little fun instead. That's it - that's my center! [Jamie looks confused.]

Pitch: [Chuckles] So what do you think, Jamie? Do you believe in the Boogey-- AH!

[Nightmares go on alert, confused. A snowball just hit Pitch in the face.]

[A little laugh escapes Jamie, and the others too.]

Jack: [laughs along] Now let's go get your friends.

[Pitch clears the snow from his face, just as Jack's ice run streaks past them. They all go careening down the middle of the street, laughing as Jack keeps them moving. Even Bunny enjoys himself for a brief moment.]

[A snowball hits Cupcake's window. She looks to see who it is as her eyes twinkle with Jack's snow.]

[There's a knock on Pippa's window. Jamie is hovering in midair.]

Pippa: Jamie, how are you doing that?

Jamie: Jack Frost! Come on, we need your help!

Pippa: [With snow in her eyes now] Hey, i- is that…?

Monty: Jack Frost!

[Claude and Caleb get presents on their beds as the Guardians go past their house.]

North: Merry Christmas!

Bunny: Happy Easter!

Tooth: Don't forget to floss!

[They see Cupcake sledding with the Guardians, laughing.]

Caleb: Cupcake?

Monty: Yeah!

Pippa: [Over the laughter] Jamie, you were right!

Caleb: The Easter Bunny's real!

Pippa: And the Tooth Fairy!

Monty: And Santa! They're all real!

[The gang slides to a halt in downtown, where Pitch's army is waiting.]

Monty: Whoo! Yeah-hah! [Notices what everyone else is looking at and runs behind North screaming.]

Pitch: You think a few children can help you? Against this?

[North tries to hold up his sword, but he's too weak. Jamie looks worried.]

Jack: They're just bad dreams, Jamie.

Bunny: 'N we'll protect you, mate.

Pitch: Oh, you'll protect them? [Laughs] But who will protect you?

[Jack steps forward, but Jamie gets in front of him.]

Jamie: I will.

Cupcake: I will!

Claude: I will!

Caleb: I will.

Pippa: And me.

Monty: I- I'll try.

[Jack nods at Jamie, still a little concerned.]

Pitch: Still think there's no such thing as the Boogeyman? [The Nightmares close in on the Guardian group.]

Jamie: I do believe in you. I'm just not afraid of you.

[Jamie holds out his hand in front of the Nightmares. When they run into it, they burst into Dream-sand. The kids get excited and so do the Guardians. Pitch not so much.]

[Tooth flaps her wings and starts to fly.]

Kids: Yeah, Tooth Fairy!

North: [Holds up his swords] Aha!

Monty: Oh yeah!

Pitch: No! Get them! Do your job!

Bunny: [Closes his eyes and looks hopeful.] Oh yeah, come on, come on! [Nightmares pursue him.] Oh crikee! [He bounds away.]

[North growls and opens two portals, through which yetis come - ready to attack. The kids are entertained.]

Bunny: [scrambles under a car] 'M just a bunny! [A Nightmare grabs his tail and drags him out, but he's his regular form again, hanging upside down.] G'day, mate. [He pumps his feet, knocking out the Nightmare that was holding him, somersaults into the air, tosses his boomerang towards another, and then catches it. Next he taps the ground and up come his Easter Island Statue Warriors.] Come on!

[A cacophony of combat.]

Cupcake: Let's get 'em!

[Two elves come riding up on the trike normally used for opening & closing North's elevator door. One jumps forward to gnaw on a Nightmare. The kids touch the Nightmares and they turn into more Dream-sand.]

[Pitch is running off through the rooftops, but Jack pursues.]

Bunny: All yours, men! [He ducks into a tunnel and North follows.]

[Pitch almost gets a surprise attack on Jack, but Tooth busts through some of the Nightmares.]

Jack: Thanks Tooth!

Bunny: [appears out of a chimney] Ho ho ho! [He attacks some Nightmares]

North: Hyah! [Looks over his shoulder at the fray.] Wrong roof. [But Pitch flees in that direction, so North is able to knock out his steed from under him. Pitch lands on the ground below. North attacks first, followed by Bunny interspersed with Tooth, then Jack, who kicks him away. The four Guardians stand poised for Pitch to make his next move.]

Caleb: [The Dream-sand is swirling around the kids] Look at that!

Jamie: I got it. I know what we have to do! Let's go, come on!

Jack: It's over, Pitch. There's no place to hide.

[Pitch disappears into the shadows and laughs, then reappears behind Jack.]

Bunny: Jack, look out! [He hurtles a boomerang at Pitch, who stumbles just long enough for a golden whip to wrap around Pitch's wrist.]

[Pitch gets yanked all the way to a swirling mass of golden sand. Jack and the other Guardians look hopeful. Out of the glow comes Sandman, smirking at Pitch, who can't believe his eyes. Sandman yanks him close, then tsks him silently. He punches Pitch into the air while still hanging onto Pitch by his whip, no looking more like a balloon string.]

Monty: The Sandman!

[Sandman creates a bowler hat and tips it to the children. Jamie gives a salute in response. They all start clamoring excitedly. Sandman notices his whip is twitching, so yanks Pitch down to the ground. He jumps for joy as the other Guardians gather around him.]

Tooth: Sandy!

Bunny: C'mere!

North: Hahaha! [He lifts Sandy up in his excitement.]

Bunny: Mate you are a sight for sore eyes.

[Butterflies flutter around Pitch's head as he dozes thanks to Sandman's attack.]

An Oath Fulfilled

[Sandman rises up on his cloud of sand to control everything, bringing back beautiful dreams to children. The Tooth Fairies can fly again, so they each dash over to touch a tooth-box.]

Sophie: Pretty!

[Cupcake touches a Nightmare and it becomes her Unicorn dream again, cantering around the hill. Then gigantic dinosaurs walk through the town, manta rays and dolphins 'swimming' alongside them, plus schools of fish. Jamie is about to touch them when Jack throws a snowball at his back. Jamie laughs and picks up a snowball to fire back. He hits Monty, and the kids have another free-for all. Sandman descends to the ground as North approaches Jack.]

North: Your center?

Jack: Well, it took a while, but I figured it out.

[North tosses him his own carved wooden 'baby' for the center of a nesting doll. Jack smiles. North winks at Jack, then looks stunned as he was hit by a snowball. Caleb and Claude blame an elf.]

North: Haha! You're all on Naughty List! Bunny! Think fast! [He pelts Bunny in the face, which actually makes Bunny smile when he sits up.]

[The snowball fight continues as Pitch stands up.]

Pitch: No... [He ducks from a Dream-sand Manta-ray.] You dare have fun in my presence?! I am the Boogeyman! And you will fear me! [Jamie runs right through him] No! Oh... No...

[The Guardians look on as Pitch becomes horrified, then bolts for the forest. Pitch crashes into North as they all stand on the frozen lake, falling to the ground.]

North: Leaving the party so soon?

Tooth: You didn't even say goodbye! [She tosses him a quarter.]

Pitch: A quarter?

Tooth: [punches Pitch in the teeth] And that's for my fairies. [A few go to squeak at him.]

Pitch: You can't get rid of me! Not forever! There will always be fear!

North: So what? As long as one child believes, we will be here to fight fear.

Pitch: [Smirks] Really? Then what are they doing here?

[Nightmares bray at the edges of the lake.]

North: Haha! They can't be my Nightmares, I'm not afraid.

Jack: Looks like it's your fear they smell.

[Pitch gasps and starts running, but the Nightmares pursue.]

Pitch: Oh no! [They drag him down to his lair and pull all of the leftovers of the bedpost into the hole with them. They cover the ground's opening too.] No, don't! Ahh!! Nooo!!

[Jack looks up at the moon as the clouds part with a knowing smirk. Tooth giggles and hugs Jack, then pulls herself away as Baby Tooth chastises her. Jack laughs.]

North: Are you ready now, Jack? To make it official. [The elf with the trumpet from earlier looks threatening. A yeti brings the book back from earlier too.] Then is time you take Oath: Will you, Jack Frost, vow to watch over the children of the world? [The children approach on the lake.] To guard them with your life - their hopes, their wishes, and their dreams, for they are all that we have, all that we are, and all that we will ever be.

[Jack looks back to Jamie, who nods at him.]

Jack: I will.

North: Then, congratulations, Jack Frost - for you are now, and forevermore, a Guardian! [Everyone else cheers, while North picks Jack up.] Klassno! [He kisses each of Jack's cheeks, then sets him back down.]

Bunny: [Over North laughing.] That's my boy!

[An elf mimics North by kissing the grumpy trumpet-elf on the cheek, but the 2nd elf punches the 1st out of the frame.]

Tooth: [notices the little fairies made a heart-shape out of themselves.] Keep it together, girls.

[The kids cheer, then notice North's sleigh and reindeer approaching.]

Caleb: You guys, look! Santa's sleigh.

Pippa: Did you guys see that?

Bunny: Everyone loves the sleigh.

Kids: Wow! Look at that sleigh.

North: [To Jack.] Time to go.

[Sandman tosses sand-fireworks into the air.]

Bunny: [To Sophie, surrounded by googies.] Happy Easter, ya little anklebiter. Gonna miss ya.

Sophie: [Giggles] Bye bye, Bunny.

Claude: Wow...

Jamie: You're leaving? But what if Pitch comes back? What if we stop believing again? If I can't see you--

Jack: Hey, hey. [He crouches down.] Slow down, slow down. Y-you telling me that you stop believing in the moon when the sun comes up?

Jamie: No...

Jack: Okay, well do you stop believing in the sun when clouds block it out?

Jamie: [Chuckles] No...

Jack: We'll always be there, Jamie. And now, we'll always be here - [he touches Jamie's chest] - which kinda makes you a Guardian, too. [He stands up and walks away.]

Jamie: Jack! [He runs up and gives Jack a hug, stunning Jack, but Jack returns the hug.]

[All of the Guardians are on the sleigh when Jack hops on.]

North: Hyah! [The sleigh takes off as the kids wave goodbye.]

Jack: My name is Jack Frost and I'm a Guardian. How do I know that? Because the Moon told me so. So when the Moon tells you something, believe it.

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