Sandman's island
General Information
Full name(s) The Island of the Sleepy Sands
Owner(s) Sandman
Production Information
Appearances The Sandman: The Story of Sanderson Mansnoozie

The Island of the Sleepy Sands, also known as Sandman's Island, is a huge desert island that was created when a shooting star fell to Earth. The star didn't sink or explode, it just became an island. This island (and shooting star before it collapsed on Earth) is the home of Sandman.


This is a huge island that was created when a shooting star fell to Earth.


The island has long spiraling tendrils of lands, that come from the center. In the center there's a number of steep dunes and in the center of the dunes is where the Sandman can be found.


Guardians G symbol
  • In one of the earlier versions of the movie, Sandy sailed the clouds in a shape-shifting dream ship made of sand and capable of camouflaging itself in the clouds.

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