Stuart Allan
Stuart Allan
Biographical Information
Full Name Stuart Allan Bertman
Born 1999
Home Los Angeles, CA
Occupation(s) Actor
Background Information
Character(s) Played British Boy
Stuart Allan is an actor and does the voice of the British Boy in Rise of the Guardians.

About Stuart

Stuart Allan lives in Los Angeles, California, and was originally raised in Northern Virginia near Washington DC. His passion for the performing arts began at age five in community theatre and school. Stuart now enjoys working in Hollywood on Film, TV, and Voiceover productions (including animations and radio/TV broadcasting). Stuart was recently honored as winner at The 36th Young Artist's Awards for "Best Actor in a Voice Over Role" for "Son of Batman" as Damian Wayne (Robin).

Most recently, Stuart has loved working on 4 major projects: "Son of Batman" and "Batman vs. Robin" as Damian Wayne (the son of Batman) for Warner Brothers, his recurring role as James Pfaff on CBS's "Bad Teacher", and his current voiceover series regular role as Russell in "Transformers, Robots in Disguise", on Cartoon Network.

He has been thrilled to play named recurring and guest/co-star roles for top shows at CBS, Disney, and Nickelodeon. Stuart has also enjoyed playing principal, recurring guest star and costar roles for FOX, ABC, DreamWorks, ESPN, HUB, Cartoon Network, FX, other major studios, with more projects underway.

Feel free to peruse Stuart's filmography. He has been honored to work on many well known productions, with wonderfully talented artists. Nickelodeon highlights include "iCarly" (as Jake) and "Haunted Hathaways" (as Barry Fink). For Disney, Stuart has worked on "Good Luck Charlie" (as Noah Nixon), "Gravity Falls" (as young Grunkle Stan), "Guess How Much I Love You" (as "Little Gray Squirrel" 52 episodes). He's been featured in DreamWorks "Rise of the Guardians" and ESPN 2012 and 2013 "Little League World Series" (as Principal Youth Announcer). Stuart also recurs as various roles for "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in the comedy commercials and animations during the show.

Stuart has also played principal roles in "Jedi Camp", an anti-bullying web series (as Lucas Skywalker) and the film "A Very Jewish Christmas" (as Howard Silver), as well as various lead theatrical roles. He was delighted to play in the thriller "The Inn" as the lead child. Stuart adores doing unique and zany voice-overs, and was a series regular in the "Zoomies" TV pilot (as Nigel the Badger).

Stuart also loves speaking in many different accents for fun. His favorites are British, New York, Jersey, Russian, Southern, and Zany voices too. He always loves to switch accents around the house just for fun... or to confuse his parents. :-)

For radio, Stuart may be heard on Armed Forces Radio (PSAs), Farmers Insurance, Children's Hospital, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, and others. Stuart has also enjoyed solo singing roles in "From Heaven to Birth" and a choral performance of "Joseph and the Amazing Technical Dreamcoat".

Stuart has many interests and skills. He is advanced in martial arts (Black Belt candidate, Elite Team, Weapons), loves dancing, singing, skate boarding, caster boarding, cooking, writing and telling stories, para-sailing, baseball, chess, parrots (other animals too), and of course video games with friends. Not to mention, on top of all that, he is a straight A student taking honors/advanced classes. He has performed roles as Stuart Allan Bertman as well as Stuart Allan when sharing his love of the performing arts.

Images of his character, British Boy

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