The Great Time Travel Clock
General Information
Full name(s)
Location Lunar Lamadary
Type Time Travel Clock
Usage To show every event recorded in time.
Owner(s) Lunar Lamas
Production Information

The Great Time Travel Clock is one of the valuable treasures from the Lunar Lamas. It is as old as Time itself, and it can send its user back a year, or a day, or a century, or even an eon.


This clock was one of the few possessions the Lamas had been able to bring to Earth before Pitch destroyed their home planet. It is round, more than 30 feet high, and was made up of dozens of interlocking rings that spun and rotated inside of one another, formed from a pale metal which only was known in the Lunar Lamas' home planet; and in the clock's center stood a column of clock faces of various sizes. These clock faces were used to set it to the exact time and place in history, in which the traveler can visit any time in the past.


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