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  • Ash flower

    this is my first fanfiction, so please don't judge!

    We know that Pitch was defeated, when he returned a seconed time. But where did he go, before he returned in the rise of the gurdians movie? Did he just sulk in the shadows? Or, did he find a lover? This is the story of Anrina Deathly, and how she died.

    Pitch Black was sick of sulking in the shadows, which he had done so for the past 6 months. Not that he was complaining, because that time had allowed him to meet and fall in love with his new soul mate, who would help him gain power again. Her name was Anrina Deathly, and was a sun child. She could age like a human, and looked like one too. That is, execpt for the fact that she had a life span of 200 years, had powers over fire, and eyes as…

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