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  • I live in England
  • I was born on August 11
  • I am Female
  • Bronze Wool

    The Leprechaun

    By Bronze Wool

    It was currently the late 17th century, the age of Enlightenment, and on a warm summer’s day in Northern Ireland, sitting between the Northern county of Louth and Mountain of Slieve Foy was the small coastal town of Carlington, or as it was known by the townspeople, the “Narrow sea inlet of the hag”. The merchants happily set up shop in the Market Square, where once a week farmers and craftsmen from all over the land would come together to sell their goods and livestock. 

    All in all, it felt today was going to be another perfect, boring day.

     “After her!!!”

    Not unless Fortuna lúchorpáin had anything to say about it.

    “Catch me if ya can me laddies and I’ll give you me pot of gold!” A small woman with ginger hair and fre…

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  • Bronze Wool

    Rise of Jamie Bennett

    By Bronze Wool

    It was the middle of the summer holidays and on supposedly the hottest day of the year, a light snow had descended over the town of Burgess. From the shelter of the back porch Mrs Bennett shivered in her jacket as she watched her children, oblivious to the cold, race back and forth in the garden with their friends. Today was also her son’s birthday and they were celebrating with cake, party games and presents. Mrs Bennett loved both her children dearly and even though she couldn’t always afford to give them expensive toys, she beamed at the few occasions when she could. Jamie was delighted by the Rainbow Quest themed party, his favourite cartoon. The banners and plates were covered with the superheroes’ fac…

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  • Bronze Wool

    Potential Guardians - Fanfiction

    Greeting and Saluations fellow RoTG/GoC fans!

    Since I have yet had an opportunity to use this blog, I'd like to announce a little project I have planned for the summer holidays.

    I first followed Gman581996's when he first made a forum post for "Potential Guardians", which I added my own contribution  and I kept following him with "Potential Villains" and "Weapons and magical abilities". I have never seen so much creativity and imagination put together by fans on this film/book series and I can't get these characters out of my head. My head is now full of the characters I added to Gman's post and every day these make-believe-guardians keep whisper…

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