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Greeting and Saluations fellow RoTG/GoC fans!

Since I have yet had an opportunity to use this blog, I'd like to announce a little project I have planned for the summer holidays.

I first followed Gman581996's when he first made a forum post for "Potential Guardians", which I added my own contribution  and I kept following him with "Potential Villains" and "Weapons and magical abilities". I have never seen so much creativity and imagination put together by fans on this film/book series and I can't get these characters out of my head. My head is now full of the characters I added to Gman's post and every day these make-believe-guardians keep whispering ideas and backstories into my head. And not just my own! I've read the entire post threads and I love all the ideas everyone else come up with and I can't help but weave my own ideas into them.

So, since I have nothing better to do for the summer holidays (besides find a job), I'm gonna set myself a challenge.

Potential Guardian Origin Stories/One-shots

On the first day of June (Saturday), I am going to post a condesensed story on this blog, following the adventures of one Guardian, every week. That is not to say all of them will be origin stories revealing how this Guardian came into being, I may just write a cute little tale of what that Guardian gets up into in their daily life's. It all depends on what I want to say about the character and what I want to get across in a limited amount of pages.

This is NO WAY means any of this is cannon for the "Potential Guardians" universe!!!

I have no idea what Gman has instore for us, and I don't want to cause any contradiction to any over-all story line Gman may have planned. So I can't stressed this enough - this is not part of the same universe, merely a dedication for what Gman has done by bringing everyone together and juggling ideas about.

So in case any of you are wondering which Potential Guardian I will be writing about first. Just to avoid angry complaints, I will only be writing about the ones I have contributed to the forum rooms.

List of to-do fanfics ->

  • St C. Valentine
  • Lady Justice
  • La Calavera Catrina
  • Green Man
  • Fortuna Leprechaun
  • Jack o' Lantern
  • Guy Fawkes

I can't promise this list will remain in this exact order, but this to-do list for this month (or for horever long this rodeo show goes on for).

Oh! Almost forgot!

I won't promise anything at the moment, but if by luck I actually stick to this weekly routine, and if it gets popular enough, I will start accepting requests.

Rules for Requests:-

  1. If there is a Potential Guardian that someone has nominated on Gman's page and wants a one-shot written about their character, message me and we'll go over character traits, back story, etc.
  2. If you have not nominated a Guardian on the forum room, but still have an idea for a character you would like put on to paper, again just message me. I will listens to your ideas.
  3. If on the flip side, you have a character but want ME to come with the story. I'll do that as well. But only if I can think up something unique enough. I don't just want to copy and paste the source material.
  4. I do not write OC (I know that sounds confusing given the subject, but let me explain). I'm sorry, but I will only accept characters from actual Mythology/History. You can add whatever flavour you want to said figure and alter their history how ever you want, but they have to be someone children will have read or heard about.
  5. The character in question can not have any close relationships with any of the characters in William's Joyce's universe. What I mean by this is, yes they can know of Pitch and the Guardians and have crossed paths at one point (It's a small world after all) but overall the one-shot is about about YOUR character. THEY are the focus. (No elemental sprite that just happens to be Jack's BFF, but for what ever reason is never mentioned in the film. No villain that wants revenge on the Guardians because they're Pitch's son/daughter. etc.).
  6. No on-going stories!!! I won't have enough time to write a complete story for the character. No complicated family ties, complex rivalry that spans decades, you CAN have them, but not if they take too long to explain. Everything you want to get across about the character, has to fit the number of pages.

Again, I don't know when I'll be able to get around to taking any request (assuming I even get any), but it won't be until I get at least the first 3-5 of my own fics actually appear on the site. Then, maybe once we drain this bucket dry, we might just move on to Villain requests (not promising anything).

See you in June :P

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