Okay, this is my first blog, so, I wanted to share a story (well... fanfiction) with you guys, so, without further ado, here's the first two paragraphs:  

Pitch sat in a very old, and singed shack, in the woods far away from Arizona. And what he was doing, to the naked eye, was just sitting, head in hands. But, he was actually thinking, thinking of a way to ruin Jack Frost. Pitch decided that he would first go and find Jack, then watch him for a while, to find his weakness, or, weak spot. Pitch floated up and out of the shack, and tried to pinpoint where Jack might be. He focused on Arizona, and a twisted smile crept across his face. He flew over to Arizona, and flew into a neighborhood, and to a house, and peered in the window. What he saw inside surprised him very much.  

A girl, close to Jack's age, was sitting,with Jack, talking to him. Pitch glanced at the front of the house. Parents were gone. He looked back in the window. The girl got up and walked out of the room. Pitch also saw that Jack had gauze wrapped around his chest and stomach. Jack was looking around the room, not noticing Pitch creeping into the room. “Who is that girl you were talking with?” Pitch sneered, watching with great satisfaction as Jack's face expressed fear when he saw Pitch.

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