More of the story:

“What are you-?” But before Jack could finish, the girl came in the room.

“I got the hot chocolate!” She smiled, and put one next to jack and held onto hers. He was staring at Pitch angrily. The girl suddenly looked worried.

“Jack, are you alright?” she asked, setting down her mug and walking over to him and sitting down next to him.

“It's nothing, just, talking with a.....friend.” Jack answered, looking at the girl. The girl looked up at where Pitch was standing, and saw nothing. Jack lifted his arm, put his hand on the girl's cheek, and made her head turn to face him.

“Reese,” He said, growing grim. “You know those shadows that form when there is nothing casting it? When you feel someone watching you? That is a person named Bogeyman, and we call him Pitch black, and he is as real as real can be.” Reese's eyes widened, and she looked up, but no one was there. Pitch had left, for he know had a plan, and it was devious indeed. After a while Jack was itching to get outside. He stands.

“I should go.”

“Oh, alright.” Reese said, standing and giving Jack a kiss on the cheek. Jack smiled and put on his jacket. He grabbed his staff and flew off, through the window. Reese sighed with delight. Finally, she had found someone she was comfortable with, and who would protect her at any cost.

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