Mooore! ~

Jack struggled to get the rope undone. To make matters worse, he was gaged. Just then, a hole formed in the ground, and the Easter bunny hopped out.

“Crikey! Dumb holes, led me to the wrong place!” he said, looking around. Jack gave a muffled grunt. Bunnymund (Easter bunny) wheeled around, eggs at the ready.

“Oh, it's just you, frostbite. How'd you get yourself tied up?” Bunnymund ungaged Jack to let him speak. Jack explained everything.

“Wait... so you're telling me you've gone head over heels for a human?” Bunny said, shocked.

Jack flushed, “Shut up, let's just go.” They both raced out of the shack, and went looking for Reese.

Pitch smirked. He walked over to Reese and sat down next to her. He knew he had to act fast, Jack was probably out of his ropes by now. Pitch snatched the book and threw it across the room.

“What the heck, Jack?” Reese said standing up, but Pitch grabbed her hand and pulled her back down. He tied her up and waited.

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