First off. This might be confusing. Don’t even try to stay up at night thinking about it, you’ll regret it. Set in the North pole during the sucker punch scene...... don’t ask.


Once Upon a Time..... Bunny was going to sucker punch Jack. Because Jack was getting flirty with Candy, who Bunny loved. Candy came in and settled everything. Then Elizabeth walked in. Jack saw her and instantly fell in love. Probably because Candy and Elizabeth were “identical” twins (we don’t look alike AT ALL). 

They (Elizabeth and Jack Frost) got married. And, worst of all; shared salvia (kissed..... BLEH)! Candy was married too, but hugged Bunny instead of kissing him. Lucky.... crazy Girl Scout Camp. Anyway! 

Candy slowly turned into a pooka after the marriage. When she was fully a pooka, Bunny and her had a child. Crystal Sophie..... Kangaroo? Whatever, don’t ask. Then Elizabeth and Jack had a child. Two actually! They were twins! The eldest twin named Elsa, and the youngest Anna. They attended a school for the children of the guardians. (Dang... story going fast! I’m the go-pro master!) 



So short.... so sowwy (sorry)!  

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