Wish I could be a guardian.

Cupid sang this quietly to herself so no one could hear. She didn't relize that Jack was there. Jack moved forward, suddenly stepping on a leaf, making a sound. Cupid got scared and turned around with arrow in her bowstring.

"Woah, sorry!" he said jumping back.

"Who are you?" she said, "If you don't tell me why, I'll.... ummm...." she blushed.

"I'm Jack, Jack Frost. We need you at the North Pole."


"North will tell you when we get there, but we need your help."

Cupid rolled her eyes and said "Fine." She took her arrow out of her bowstring while saying this.

Jack opened up the portal, "Go in, it will take you there."

Cupid went through with Jack following behind her.

"Woah" Cupid said looking around.

"Ditto" said Jack.

North exclaimed "Cupid! Glad you could make it!"

"Just glad I wasn't shoved in bag and tossed through that portal." she said. Jack, Tooth, and, even Bunny, laughed.

"Let's just cut to the chase, you have been chosen to be a guardian!" North said.

"What?!" Cupid said, she couldn't believe this, after all this time, it was her turn.

"Yep, you were chosen. Exciting right?" said Tooth smiling.

"Shocked, huh mate?" Bunnymund said.

"But, I never thought that this would happen." Cupid said, still starstruck.

"We also need your help, the Boogeyman has returned, and he's pairing up this time!" North said, with Sandy nodding like he believed him.

"Who?" Cupid said.

"That's the problem, we don't know. The children and all of us are in danger!" North exclaimed.

Then, a laugh was heard, along with a ghostly noise. Cupid was scared, and hid behind Jack.

Then dark dreamsand covered the globe then moved along the ground like a snake. A shadow of Pitch, and a ghostly girl appeared. Jack brought out his staff, to fight, Bunnymund got out his egg bombs, and North took out his sword. The Ghostly girl said "Do you believe?." with Pitch laughed, then they were gone.


Who do you think it is? (DON'T ANSWER, CUZ ITS LA LLORONA)  Stay tuned for the next Part!

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