Chapter 1

Hello Everybody! My sister wanted me to make up a story about my guardian, so here it goes....


A long time ago, there was a girl, her name was Cupid. She had black hair and pink eyes, and carried a bow and arrow where ever she went, it was her weapon. In her past life, her town found her... odd. Her ideas were different. The boys thought she shouldn't be an archer, but she didn't care, it who she was. 

One day a boy challenged her, she accepted this challenge, resulting in envy from the boy.

"You think you are all that, with that foolish bow and arrow, girls shouldn't have those you know, they're all 'Ballgowns, parties!' c'mon, this is act!" he said.

"Hear ye, hear ye! This boy is afraid, that girls will become better than boys!" she replied back. He was shocked, because Cupid was very silent, and never talked back, but Cupid was strong girl.

"I challenge you! Whoever gets the most points wins!" he screamed, so everyone would hear. Everyone waited, tension was rising.

She accepted this challenge, and won. The boy was jealous, he was the Gaston in their town. (Beauty and the Beast refrence! :D) 

Cupid had a friend, she was never lonely if that's what you thought, her friend was Jackson Overland. He didn't find her strange, he found her special

310 hundred years later, after Cupid's horrible death from the boy that challenged her. She was in Paris, a place she always wanted to go, bringing love and friendship everwhere. 


That's all for Chapter 1! Next part coming soon to a theater near you! (LOL!)

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