"Alright, let's go get the globe." said Bunny.

"What?" asked Jack.

"The globe. It's important to the guardians, us, and soon, me. It holds all the answers to our questions." said Cupid.

"Cool." said Jack, smiling.

They walked to the park, where it was supposed to be. 

"God! Where the firetruck did it go?!" said Cupid, angry.

"Not here!" said Bunny.

"Not here!" said North.

"Not here!" said Tooth.

Sandy shrugged.

"Not here," said Jack. "What is it supposed to look like?"

"Like the man in the moon." said North, searching around.

"Looking for something?" said somebody, Pitch. He was holding the globe.

"Pitch. Give it to me." said Cupid, holding out her hand.

"I will, if -"

"No ifs, give it."

Pitch rolled his eyes. "If you join me."

"Gahhhhh......... no thanks," said Cupid. "I'd have to be a fool to do that."

Pitch scowled. "Fine. No globe for you."

"Wait, if you give me the globe," Cupid sighed. "I'll.......... I'll........... GOD! I can't even say it!" she smacked her forehead.

Pitch gave her the globe. "See ya!" Cupid said smiling. Pitch scowled and chased her.

"To the sielgh!" said North running.

"Oh no, BUCKLE UP!" said Bunny, tapping the floor.

"Holy.......... LORDAYPANTS!" said Cupid running.

Pitch was catching up to her. 

"Good grief!" she said. Cupid ran faster. The globe fell out of her arms, causing it to shatter into pieces. 

"SCROOGE THIS!" she said, smacking her forehead. She bent down to look at the globe pieces.

"Cupid? What happened?" said Jack coming up to her with the fellow Guardians. Cupid looked up, Pitch was gone.

"The................. globe broke." she responded.

Jack bent down to look at the peices. "Ohhh boy. Jacked this one up, huh?" he grabbed a piece and laughed a little as he said this.

"Not funny." she said.

"Ohh no. This can't be fixed." said Bunnymund.

"Oh God. So I messed everying up." Cupid said playing with her braid. She stood up, "I'm sorry, he was catching up, I had to run faster, and it just -"

"YOU MESSED EVERYTHING UP!" screamed Bunnymund.

"I said I was sorry! It was an accident!" she yelled.

"Just...... go Cupid, just go." said North.

"But -"

"GO!" North yelled.

Cupid ran off, crying. "Cupid!" Jack said.


"Crazy me! Way to go Cupid! You messed everything up!" she said to herself.


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