"Calm down Cupid. Just do your job." Cupid breathed slowly, calming down. Her angel-like wings were flapping slower now. She looked down at a couple, having a heated arguement. She shot them both in the back with her (not fighting) arrows. Making them notice they were fighting over something silly. Cupid sat down in a tree. 

"Whew!" she said, smiling. She felt better now. All of a sudden, she noticed a shadow.

"What the heck....?" she said. She followed the shadow until it came to a stop. "Who are you?" she asked, getting ready to shoot. 

"Woah! Don't worry! It's just me!" said Jack. 

"GOD! You scared me! Never do that again! Or I'll smack you silly! Wait, you already are." she said. When Cupid got mad, she was mad. She shot a lamp.

"Hey! I believe it was an accident!" he said. He didn't want to see her like this.

"Oh, sorry." Cupid blushed, she did this when she was embrassed. "What are you doing here? In Utah?" She flew to the post to get her arrow.

"I came here to freeze a slide at a water park. Even though it's Summer!" he said laughing.

"Oh boy." Cupid said, suffering from an attack of giggling. She was standing in front of him now. "Sorry about the globe."

"It's okay. I think we can live without it." he said, smirking. 

"Don't do that." she said.

"Hey! Let the Guardian of Fun have Fun!" Jack said.


"Did we make a mistake asking Jack to get her?" asked Bunnymund.

"I don't think so. They've knew each other before." said North, staring at the globe.

"Besides, they were friends in Jack's past life and now." said Tooth, nodding.


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