Ohhh Sandman, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO PUT THAT IN THERE?! What happens in these stories comes in dreams, and something triggers in my mind when writing these. Either I like it or not, I type it. -_- ..... Whatever, let's get going. (I MIGHT SLACK OFF UNTIL THAT PART. LIKE I MIGHT WRITE THE CHAPTER AND STOP AT IT.) Are we at Chapter 17 already? DANG!


"YES!" I said. "I finally did it! Dang girl. It had to take you this long to notice he was with 3 other girls?" I snapped my fingers in a z formation when I said this, or at least tried to. (lol)

Jack laughed at me. “Very funny.” he jumped down from the tree branch and looked at me.

I turned around to look at him. SNAP, CRACKLE, POP! Why does he have to be SO DANG HAWT ALL OF A SUDDEN?! I tried to not smile, so I looked behind me, pretending to act cautious. 

Something was moving, a shadow. “Jack,” I said, nervously. “Am I going crazy, or is that a shadow?” I looked back at him. He came towards the shadow, staff in hand. I followed with my arrow in my bow.  

“Hello.” said a mysterious voice.

“Holy -” I said, getting cut off when I saw who it was: Pitch.

“Cupid, we can work together.” Pitch said.

“Oh heck to the no!” I said, angry. I aimed at him.

Pitch scowled at me. 

“It’s not going to work Pitch!” said Jack.

“Oh look,” said Pitch. “Cupid’s boyfriend comes to save the day.”

“He’s not my boyfriend.” I said, wanting to slap him for saying that. I saw Jack aim his staff at him. I lost my temper and shot my arrow at Pitch. It missed, because he moved out of the way.

“Nice try.” Pitch said, smiling his pathetic smile. He was gone.

“Come back here you son of a mushroom!” I said. “God, he needs to stop doing that.”

“Are you okay Cupid?” asked Jack, turning around to look at me.

“Yeah. You?”  

“Fine. And.... I have something to tell you.” he sounded nervous.


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