THE LAST PART! AHHHH!! Should I make a sqeuel? Tell me if you want one!


“What is it?” I asked him.

“Ummm....... ahh.....” Jack blushed. “Nevermind.” he shook his head.

“Okay.” I said, pretending that awkward scene didn’t just happen.


We were told to go to the Warren when I was finished doing my job. 

“Woah.” I said in astonishment. The Warren looked awesome. 

“Thanks.” said the Easter Kangaroo Bunnymund. 

Jack was looking at me, thinking I couldn’t see him. Yeah right! When I looked at him, he blushed. Dang. I snapped my fingers, hopefully to get him out of his trace thing. Then it hit me. Oh snap. I thought. He likes me. But.... but... why? Well, I like him back. I groaned. NO! But he’s so fun, and nice. 


I jumped.

“Pitch.” Bunnymund said.

“I suppose you have no idea whats going on, do you?” he said. WHABAM! He takes me and Jack. 

“What the firetruck?!” I screamed.

“Let go of us!” said Jack.

“No.” he said.


We fell on the floor in Pitch’s lair.

“Got you two now. You’ll have to join me.”

“You have no logic whatsoever!” I said, standing up.

“There are faults to your plan.” said Jack, standing up with his staff in his hand.

“Like what?” Pitch said.

“Like this!” I shot Pitch with my arrow. Jack was fighting too. Then, I grabbed my last arrow. 

“Please work.” I whispered. I placed in the bowstring, and then I let it go.

It killed Pitch, it got him, right in his back .

“I-I-I-I I killed him! I KILLED HIM!! HECK YES!” I said, jumping up and down, laughing.

Jack laughed with me, he hugged me, making me stop. I looked at him, blushing.

North, Sandy, Tooth, and Bunny came into the lair.

“Are you two okay?” asked Tooth, concerned.

“Yeah.” I said, giggling.

“Cupid killed Pitch.” said Jack.

“You did?” asked Bunny.

I nodded.


We all left the lair, heading for the North Pole. 

“I think it’s time you officially become a guardian.” said North, taking a huge book that looked a bible (In my opinion, lol!), with the letter G on the front.

“Will you, Cupid, vow to watch over the children of the world?
To guard them with your life, their hopes, their wishes, and their dreams.
For they are that we have, all that we are, and all that we will ever be.” 

Now that’s an oath. 

“Hmmm...” I said pretending to think it over, I glanced over Jack, who nodded his head in approval. “Why not?”

“You are now, and forevermore, a Guardian.”

“BOO YAH! YES!” I said, fist bumping the air.

(Ohhhhh no, here comes the part where I GAG MY BOOTAY OFF! I’m just sayin’, holla like a thug, poppin’ bottle in the club! GOD. I CAN’T EVEN TYPE IT!! BREATHE IN, BREATHE OUT.)

Jack came up to me, smiling, and hugged me. Woah Funk Soul Brother Number 9! We shared salvia for 1 second. (Whew! Now that that’s over with.)


“And that’s what happened.” I said.

“That’s a cool story!” said Lilly, Jamie’s daughter.

“Well, you asked me to tell you it.” I laughed.


“God!” I jumped. “I told you to stop doing that Jack!”

“Sorry, I forgot,” said Jack, laughing. “How’s it going Lilly?”

“Good! How are the guardians?” she said.

“Good, and I came here to get Cupid.”

“You are losing the snowball fight.” I said.

“Yeah right! I invented snowball fights, so I’m gonna win.”

“Is that a challenge, Icicle?” I said, grabbing his staff and pointing it at his face.

“Oh no. North’s calling us.”

I lowered the staff and looked out the window in Lilly’s room.

“Yep. Sorry Lilly, we’ve got to go.”

“Bye. Kick some Bad Guy bottom for me!”

“We will!” said Jack laughing.

We opened the window and left for the North Pole. READY TO KICK SOME BAD GUY BOOTAY!!! 

/The End/

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