"The Boogeyman has returned!" North said to Jack, Tooth Fairy, Bunnymund, and Sandman at the North Pole. 

"Ummm, either you had too much eggnog, or ate too many cookies. Didn't he get trapped in his lair?" Jack said. The other guardians had to agree. 

"We don't know how he got out, but he's threating to rule the world and destroy all of us! And he might be teaming up with someone this time!" North reliped, "I feel it, in my belly!"

"Eggnog it is!" said Bunnymund. 

Jack laughed along with Sandy and Tooth. But Sandy then silenced himself, so he wouldn't wake someone else up.

"This is serious!" North exclaimed. Then, the moon was shining really bright. Sandy tapped North and pointed at the moon.

Then the podium (I don't know what it's called, but they're gonna get a new Guardian) rose up.

"What's this?" said Jack.

"A new Guardian?" Tooth said, excited.

"Looks like it," said Bunnymund, rolling his eyes. (Ohhh Bunny.)

A girl with a bow and arrow appeared with angel-like wings.

"Who is that?" Bunnymund said. 

"Hmmm," said North, "Cupid."


"Cupid. Yesh Bunny, pay attention!"

"Hey, don't get angry at me mate!"

"Okay guys break it up! Or turn it off, like a light switch!" Tooth said to Bunny and North.

Jack laughed, "So who's gonna get her?"

North thought for a while, then said "Jack, why don't you get her?"

"I better not have to shove her into a bag and toss her through a magic portal."

"Very funny," North said.


That's all for this Chapter! Next one Coming soon to a theater near you! (LOL) Small Warning: The Chapters are short, I might extend some time.

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