"Sorry about that." said Cupid.

"It's okay," said Jack, smiling, "That was pretty scary, and who was that Ghostly Woman?"

"I don't know, I've heard of her before and I forgot her name." Tooth said.

"I don't know mate, but she's dangerous." Bunnymund said.

Sandman just shrugged his shoulders and made a question mark over his head. While North shrugged.

"I've heard of her somewhere, La.... LLorona." said Cupid. "She gave me the willies."

"Oh no, this is bad." said North, remembering, "She may be a really big help to the Boogeyman! This is very bad."

"How?" Tooth said.

At Pitch's lair..................

"Cupid, are you sure?" Pitch said.

"Very sure." said La LLorona, "We must kidnap her, they won't be able to beat us if she is gone."

"Can't we kill her?" said Pitch.

"No, Kidnap, then kill." she said with a stubborn face.

"Good idea! Let's get to it!"

They left the lair, heading for Burgess. Where the Guardians, and the soon-to-be Guardian, Cupid were. Black sand spread everywhere, Fearlings came towards them to attack. They started fighting. Cupid flew up and jumped rooftop to rooftop shooting the fearlings. Then, she was gone. The Black Sand disapearred.

"Where's Cupid?" said Jack.

"Cupid!" yelled Tooth.

All but Sandy, yelled for her. Nothing was heard. She wasn't there.

"Where did she go?" Jack said, worried.


That's all for this Chapter!

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