"I'm gonna talk to Jamie. See you guys later." said Jack, still sad. 

Jack flew to Burgess. And ran into someone, Shayna.

"Sorry!" Shayna said.

"It's my fault. I wasn't looking where I was going." 

"It's Fine," She said. "What are you doing here?"

"Looking for Jamie," Jack said, "I need to tell him something." he looked sad as he said this.

"What's wrong?" Shayna asked.

Jack told her everything, how Cupid was kidnapped, Pitch's return, and La LLorona. Except for one thing. It was embrassing to tell anyone. 

"And -" Jack stopped. He didn't want her to know.

"What?" she asked.

"Nothing." Jack shook his head. Shayna stared at him for a moment.


Shayna wanted to see Jamie as well. So Jack took her with him. When they got into Jamie's room, Jamie jumped up and down on his bed.

"Jack! You're here!" he said.

"I sure am kiddo! I want you to meet someone, and I have something to tell you." Jack said, turning sad again at his last word. Sadder this time.

"Meet Shayna." Jack said, trying to stay calm. He couldn't. It felt like his heart was broken that Cupid was gone.

"Hi." she said. "Jack what's wrong?"

Jack was silent, not in his usual awesome mood.


Cupid was sad, not only because her cell was dark. But because she may never become a Guardian. The room was dim. With one candle lit. She looked at her locket and smiled.

 I wanna be a guardian.

I wanna, be chosen by the Moon.

Flyin around, getting rid of those.... what do you call them?

Oh, nightmares!

Not being believed in you don't get too far.

She stopped, she thought it was foolish. 

"I'll never be saved." she said, almost crying.


Next Part coming soon!

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