"What?" Cupid asked.

"Are you sure that you're okay?" asked Jack seriously.

"I'm fine. No aches, pains, scars, nothing of that nature."

"Good. Remember when..." he whispered the rest in her ear.

"Yes!" she said, giggling. "We thought it would be weird. Didn't we?"

"Yes we did." he laughed.


"Let's cause a little trouble, shall we?" Pitch said grinning evilly.

La LLorona laughed fiendishly. Pitch walked near the globe, and lightly tapped a light. Making it disappear.

"We are ready. Are your Guardians?"

"Yeah, and we're ready to kick your booty and drop ya like you're hot even though you're not!" yelled Cupid, smirking.

Pitch turned around. La LLorona snarled.


The Nightmares started to attack them. Pitch and La LLorona started to attack Cupid. Bunnymund was doing his super galactic ninja moves. Tooth and Sandy were kicking some Nightmare bottom. North was fighting in his usual awesome way, and Jack was fighting like a BOSS. Finally, Cupid was fighting in a way she has never fought before. 

Cupid shot La LLorona. Killing the ghostly girl. Cupid flushed, "Bull's eye."

Pitch thrust himself at her. He punched her. She punched back. Cupid was getting hurt really bad. 

"Guys, Cupid's getting hurt, we have to help her!" yelled Jack. They were running to Pitch. He was gone. Cupid was lying on the ground, eyes closed.

"Is she still breathing?" asked Tooth.

"Yeah." Jack replied.

"Let's get her to the workshop," said North. "It might be best for her."


Cupid woke up. The room was different, there was a mirror, a bed that she was laying on, a bedside table, and her bows and arrows in the corner. Cupid got out of the bed and walked near the mirror. She stared at herself. She wasn't wearing her Tee-shirt with a heart on it, or her jeans. She was wearing a white dress. 

Are my boots still on? she wondered. 

She pulled up a tiny part of her dress. Her boots were still there. But something else changed too. Her lips were red, like Snow White's. She had a scar on her eye, like Kovu.


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