A snowball hit me in back. It was way too cold, well, of course. 

"Jack! I'm busy. Can't you see that?" I said, turning around.

"Sorry," said Jack, laughing.

I made a quick snowball and threw it at him. I got him right in the face.

"Aurora Borealis." he said.

I glanced over my shoulder.


We had finally arrived at the North Pole. Bunny, Tooth, Sandy, and, of course North, were waiting for us.

"Whats up?" I asked.

Bunny rolled his eyes. I mimicked him. Jack and Tooth laughed at me. 

"North, get to the point." said Bunny, totally annoyed by me.

"I have a feeling that someone, or something, is threatening us," North said. "I feel it! In my belly!"

"North, please don't eat those cookies the elves are giving you anymore." said Jack, shaking his head.

I laughed. "So, who do you think it is?"

"The -"

Interrupped by laugh, dry and hoarse. A man in a hooded cape covering his body appeared, axe in hand. Such a useful weapon, WHERE IS YOUR SENSE PEOPLE?!

"Be afraid! For I am death!" he said.

"Be afraid! For I am death!" I said, mimicking him.

"That's a nice comeback." he shot back.

"That's a nice comeback."

"It's getting annoying!" he yelled. His booming voice was like an earthquake. The lights on the globe flickered on and off.

I blinked at him. "Okay! Okay! Calm your dusty booty down!" I shot my hands up in the air.

He threatened to kill me with his axe. I backed away. I grabbed Jack's staff, which was nearby. It still kept it's frost. It still kept it's frost! It still kept it's frost! 

"What the.....?" I said, blinking. I put it near "Death's" face. He disapearred. 

"Is that even possible?" asked Bunnymund.

"I don't know. Sandy?" asked North.

I gave the staff back to Jack. I looked at Sandy, who just shrugged.

"Interesting." said Tooth.


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