I sense there’s something in the wind....


Cupid flew back to Sandy’s Ship. The rest of the Guardians were there.

“Did you get as much dreamsand as you could find?” asked Tooth.

“Yes, I did Tooth. I searched for them like a crazy person,” Cupid said, taking out the boxes. “That reminds me...” Cupid took out a tooth from her pocket, “Here you go.” She handed the tooth to her.

“Who’s this from?”

“So called ‘Death’, long story.” Cupid giggled.


Cupid had a plan, and she stuck to it no matter what. She tried to stay quiet, but there was something cold and slimy on the floor of “Death’s” lair. 

“GAH!” Cupid whispered-half screamed as her arrows fell out of her quiver. She picked them up before they reached the floor.

“Be quiet!” whispered Bunny.

“Jeez... what’s up with you? Sorry.” said Cupid, and rolled her eyes.

“What did get myself into...” Cupid heard Bunny mutter.

“I heard that!” she whispered, “God, being sassy is my thing!”

Bunny half-smiled. "You better be praying."

“Who is that?” Cupid whispered. Glaring at them was.... a zombie.

“Uggghhhh.....” The Zombie said.


“BUNNY! AND YOU SAY I HAVE TO BE QUIET! WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH -” Cupid stopped, “Death” was right there, next to the Zombie.

“Don’t eat them yet,” she heard “Death” whisper to the zombie, “They might be useful.” 


I put a zombie in.... LOL. 

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