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    About Flee Overland

    January 6, 2016 by Fangirl111


    So I saw this by William Joyce, where he said that Jack Frost's Sister was called Flee because she could run and jump so fast...

    ...but on the day Jack died, she was too afraid.

    It's been added to her page, of course, and I still have high hopes her real name is Mary, because Joyce has a son named Jackson, like Jack Frost, and had a daughter named Mary Katherine, like Katherine from the Guardians of Childhood, so Jack's sister should be named Mary after his daughter, I think. (That was The Rush's idea first, but after I heard it I really want it to be Mary.) So yeah, Mary for the win! XD My Thread about her name has hit the limit, so I can't post about her nickname there, but blogs are okay too XD

    Anyway, it got to me thinking, it's kind…

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