Only one more week until Rise of the Guardians is out for our viewing pleasure!! Before the release, let's make a few predictions and see what ends up coming true!

Here are ours:

  1. Pitch, voiced by Jude Law, is going to be pretty bad to the bone. Or as bad as a PG-rated villain can be. He destroys dreams and spreads nightmares after all!
  2. Jack Frost is probably going to have some kind of moment of indecision where Pitch manages to get him away from the rest of the guardians. After that happens, he'll probably feel guilty and come back to save the day!
  3. We expect a lot of cool fight scenes from North and Bunnymund!
  4. Tooth and Sandman seem like cute characters so we're hoping for some moments where we get to go "Aaawww"

What kinds of things are you expecting to see in the movie? Share your thoughts below!

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