Rise of the Guardians came out this week! Below, you'll see that we have a review roundup for you, and we only found one critic that really disliked the movie, which bodes well! From what everyone has been saying, it seems like Rise of the Guardians has great animation and interesting characters, but the predictable ending definitely makes it more appealing for the kids than the adults.

All in all, Rise of the Guardians might not be winning any awards, but it's definitely a movie with some holiday magic! Check out the reviews we gathered below, and be sure to leave your own!

Loved It

Tim Hall - Seattle Pi

Score: A

"Like previous Dreamworks Animation films, Rise of the Guardians is full of humor for both children and adults. There are some true laugh-out-loud moments – especially Crocodile Dundee call back – and funny reoccurring characters like the Yetis and Elfs. Screenplay writer David Lindsay – Abaire stayed away from pop culture references (see: Shrek) allowing the film to have a timeless holiday movie feel to it."

Alicia Malone - IGN

Score: 7.0

"Though not as unique as recent animated movies like Wreck-It Ralph, Rise of the Guardians is very well made, and the set-up of these characters leave many possibilities for a franchise. Kids and adults will enjoy the holiday magic that Rise of the Guardians spins with its beautiful design and interesting twist on well-known characters."

Todd McCarthy - Associated Press

Score: No Score Given
"Director Peter Ramsey, a longtime storyboard artist making his feature directorial debut after beginning with the 2009 telefilm Monsters vs. Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins From Outer Space, never misses a chance to throw in one more roller-coaster-like visual ride to pump up the 3(equals)D experience. But the characters and settings are attractively designed, and the vocal performances have real color and a sense of fun that gently undercuts the treacle sincerity of certain obligatory kid-pandering moments."

Thought It Was Okay

Betsy Sharkey - LA Times

Score: No Score Given

"Some of the scenes are minimal in detail, others are jam-packed and can make for visual overload. There is a lot to savor in Rise of the Guardians, but sometimes too much of a good thing can be exhausting."

Alonso Duralde - Reuters

Score: No Score Given

"The young'uns at the screening I attended were entranced for much of Rise of the Guardians (terrible title!), so parents can rest assured that its target audience will leave satisfied. But the best family films truly appeal to the whole family, and adults may find themselves asking, and fending off, too many questions to take the plunge into this fantasy universe."

Katey Rich - CinemaBlend

Score: 2.5 out of 5 stars

"But while the animation is gorgeous elsewhere, Jack's facial expressions are oddly muted, and Pine's performance can't go far enough to make Jack Frost feel up to the level of the other, genuinely iconic mythical figures...Rise of the Guardians is constantly straining to give mythic importance to characters who simply don't need them, and while the animation of these characters is beautiful-- and then power of childish belief as moving as it is in classic books like The Polar Express-- it's not enough to liven up the grinding machinery of this film. "

Owen Gleiberman - Entertainment Weekly

Score: B-
"This fractured 3-D fairy tale gathers up a hodgepodge of kiddie icons, turning them into a bedtime-story X-Men team. The voices include Alec Baldwin as the blustery North (i.e., Santa), Isla Fisher as the sweet Tooth (i.e., the Tooth Fairy), and Hugh Jackman as E. Aster Bunnymund (i.e., the Easter Bunny). They're mildly engaging, but nothing they do surprises you, and the hero, Jack Frost (Chris Pine), is saddled with a vague dilemma: Can he find his center by realizing that kids believe in him? It's all more lightweight-likable than exciting."

Ben Kendrick - ScreenRant

Score: 3 out of 5 stars
"Given the childhood-centric plot, Rise of the Guardians is going to be underwhelming for older moviegoers hoping for an especially unique animated film experience. However, while the project relies heavily on very standard plot developments, the lively and entertaining characters, coupled with a rich art style, definitely expand the film’s appeal and onscreen value. Rise of the Guardians isn’t as memorable as some of its contemporaries, and the overarching message will be hard to translate for non-believing adults, but the film still offers a worthwhile dose of harmless fun and worthwhile heart."

Hated It

Joe Neumaier - NY Daily News

Score: 2 out of 5 stars

" a group, the characters grate. The gruff, tattooed Santa would fit in on “Sons of Anarchy,” and his rivalry with the Easter Bunny is as memorable as a cereal box promotion. Only the Sandman, with his Harpo Marx-like pantomime, shines, and he’s out of the movie for a chunk of time. Maybe he’s working overtime to assure that Rise of the Guardians doesn’t freak kids out – while helping parents doze through this mess."

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