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    October 23, 2014 by Guardians ROTG

    (At the North Pole the Guardians were all set up for a discusion and were in a room, where was a big round table, where everyone sat down)

    North: You all know, why I called you here?

    Bunny: Something about Christmas?

    Tooth: Is it about Pitch?

    Sandy: (Was making some sings above his head)

    Jack: About the children?

    North: No, it's nothing about Pitch, nore the children nore Christmas.

    Bunny: (Shocks, when North said, it wasn't about Christmas) Well, then it has to be something very big.

    North: It's about... the other Guardians.

    Tooth: The other Guardians? What's wrong with them?

    North: Nothing is wrong with them. It's just, that kids believe mostly about us, the five most important Guardians, but the children don't believe in the others. Like Cupid, b…

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