(At the North Pole the Guardians were all set up for a discusion and were in a room, where was a big round table, where everyone sat down)

North: You all know, why I called you here?

Bunny: Something about Christmas?

Tooth: Is it about Pitch?

Sandy: (Was making some sings above his head)

Jack: About the children?

North: No, it's nothing about Pitch, nore the children nore Christmas.

Bunny: (Shocks, when North said, it wasn't about Christmas) Well, then it has to be something very big.

North: It's about... the other Guardians.

Tooth: The other Guardians? What's wrong with them?

North: Nothing is wrong with them. It's just, that kids believe mostly about us, the five most important Guardians, but the children don't believe in the others. Like Cupid, baby New Year and the others.

Jack: But, what do we have to do?

North: We need children to believe in them or....they will be forogoten.

Bunny: But mate, y'know Halloween is coming right? Halloween is Pitch's biggest day ever. He will be stronger. Maybe more stronger then us.

Tooth: Bunny is right. We have to protect the children by Pitch's scary nightmares.

North: And we will. We have Sandy here and he will... (Looks at Sandy)

Sandy: (Starts to sleep on his chair)

Bunny: Oh great, he is asleep, again.

Tooth: Let him sleep Bunny. He had a busy day, like I had.

North: As I was saying.... Sandy can provide Pitch's nightmares to get to the childrens minds, but just in a minimum way, even tho he is strong.

Jack: But we can help him, with destroying the nightmares and giving them good dreams. We did it once, so we can do it the second time. We are the Guardians, we ca do it. 

North: (Nods) Yes. My hope and my will are very high, so I will say yes. Yes, we can beat Pitch again and protect the children from the nightmares.

Bunny: So then, we have to 'make' children believe in the other Guardians too?

North: Yes. 

Tooth: I think we can do it. Me and my faries can make it happen.

Bunny: And me and my giant eggs, will help too.

North: My Yetis and the elves will help too.

Jack: And I will too. (Everyone looks at Sandy)

North: And Sandy will too. But we will tell him tomorrow. Let he dream, his dreams for now. Because his dreams are important. Important for us all.

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