Hello again! HPTiger here! Have you ever imagined what would happen if I remake a sketch using the characters from the movie based on their voices in the movie? Well, picture this: in Sesame Street, Jude Law talks about the word, "Cling" and 3 Muppet animals: a monkey, a mouse and an octopus cling to him because they love him. Bu what if.... Pitch was clinged by similar animal characters because they love him. Here's a video from Sesame Street, and I'll draw what'll look like if Pitch took his voice actor's place.

File:Sesame Street Jude Law Cling

Now picture Jack Frost as Captain Kirk in Star Trek 2 with Clumsy Smurf as Pavel Chekov, and Smaug from The Hobbit as the villain. Wait till it kills with laughter you to see what could happen.

And imagine Tooth impersonating a hyper person who drank too much caffeine and talks like Temple Grandin.

Sounds weird, isn't it?

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