It was an early Saturday morning and young Jamie Bennett sprung up from his bed to the frosted window on the other side of the room. He gazed out the window, smiled and whispered under his breath "snow day!" He quickly changed his clothes, flung his coat on and darted out the front door, stumbling into the snow. A voice came from the house "Jamie close the door!". He bounded up to the door and closed it. He was about to turn around but he got hit on the back of the head with a snowball. He flung his head round and to his surprise a tall boy with pale skin, white hair and striking blue eyes was standing there on the branch of the tree grinning down at him with a snowball in his hand. "JACK!" Jamie yelled. Jack leaped down from the branch onto the snowy ground. "Missed me?" Jack asked. Jamie ran up to him and threw his arms around his waist "yeah I've missed you too," Jack said "how would you like to come on a little trip?" "That would be amazing but how do i explain that to my mum?" "Don't worry about that!" He said as he grabbed Jamie's hand and jumped in to the sky.

Time had passed, Jack was going to turn around to take Jamie home. It suddenly became dark and ghostly shadows were gaining on them. It took them a while to realise that the nightmares were after them! They were being surrounded. "Oh no" "Jack, what's going on?" A nightmare came charging at them jack turned around and tried to protect Jamie from it but it knocked them both out of the sky! Jack fell through a tree and hit the hard ground. He stood up and dusted the dirt from his jumper, he looked around... Jamie was gone.

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