Jacks eyes were searching for Jamie but he was no where. Not even his voice was heard. Jack ran to his staff which was laying down beside the tree, he grasped it tight in both hands when suddenly he fell to the ground. He sat upright with his head in his hands, his white hair draping over his eyes. The horrendous pain pitch was putting Jack in! It was unbearable. Pitches voice was burning his mind. "You can't kill fear, Jack" his voice was like knives "it's time for fear to rules the world" the voice echoed in his head. Jack heartbeat beating at the speed of light "don't fight the fear!" "NO!!!!" Jack screamed as he shot up and ran as fast as he could towards the nightmares, the ice bolts already swarming around him. Suddenly he heard a little girl laughing. "Jack!" She called. Jack stopped dead in his tracks. "Jack?" She repeated, but this time it sounded more like a question. His mind immediately flashed back to his memory of him as a human. "Haha your funny, Jack!" She giggled - He snapped back into reality but the distraction gave the nightmares an advantage. They threw Jack backwards and he hit the tree trunk and fell, unconscious, to the ground. be continued.......

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