Jack finally awoke. His vision a little blurring and his mind still wounded. The pain was just only bearable. He was confused. Pitch had gone, the nightmares, everything gone, like it never happened. Jack heard a voice faint in the background "hello?!" Shouted the voice. It sounded very familiar to Jack. Jack moved closer to the voice and the voice came closer to him. He saw a little boy, Jacks vision was still a little blurry but eventually the boy came into focus. "Jamie!" Jack yelled in relief. Jamie didn't hear him, instead he heard the crack of a branch and the rustle of the dead leaves. It made Jamie jump, he spun around and ran in Jacks direction. Jack smiled but his smile immediately turned to shock when Jamie ran straight through him. Jack, confused and devastated, tried to run after Jamie but quickly gave up. He didn't see him. He doesn't believe...

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