Jack tensed. It was hard for him to turn around and walk away from Jamie, but that was the only thing he could do. he breathed in deeply, fighting back the urge to break something. he put one hand in his pocket and calmly but quickly flew away. Eventually he returned to Burgess. he flew across a frozen river, looking at the reflection of himself, he sighed "im the only one who can see the real me." The slight snowfall now became a blizzard.he came to a power pylon a tip-toed across the wire. it froze under his feet. When he came to the end he leaped off. Suddenly a voice made him jump, his heart skipped a beat. "JACK!" it was tooth. she flew in front of him he tried to walk around her. "whats wrong, Jack?" she asked sympathetically. She looked into his eyes but he looked away. "Jack?" she asked "FORGET IT! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" he snapped agressively. Her eyes widened in shock "im sorry, Jack." she whispered and she slowly flew away from him. "no, wait, tooth." he said trying to call her back. she didnt look back at him. He hated himself. " IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED?!!!" he screamed at the sky. The Man in the Moon suddenly appeared from behind the clouds, it was like he was watching Jack. Jack breathed heavily and angrily. He clenched his fists. A evil voice shot through him like a bullet. "almost. But you know what else i want," the voice paused for a second "and i know what you want. Belief is a powerful thing, isnt it Jack? But whats more powerful? its fear!"

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